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Two Common Contractors You Should Hire

Home renovations are not a lot of fun. If you have bought an older home or even a newer home that doesn’t meet your expectations, you will have to do something to the home to make it livable to your standards.

My wife and I are going through this ordeal right now. We had been living in a small condo for close to three years. But it started to become more cramped as we got a dog and had our first child last year.  Our daughter’s room is very small and has her crib and all her toys in it.

It was decided that we needed to look for a home. When we did, we found a lot of older homes in our price range. If we were going to purchase them, we would have to renovate them. This weighed into our offering price at one of the homes. We knew we’d have to hire contractors to fix some things.

The homeowners accepted our bid and we moved in shortly after. I wish we hadn’t because it caused some major disruptions. None the less they needed to be done we my family sucked it up.

What contractors did we hire for our home renovations? See below for the two that based on our experience you cannot afford not to hire.

#1 – Painter

Our home was in major need of some new colors. The previous homeowners really had a love affair with the color green. We like green but the issue was the shades of green they used were not up our alley.

The exterior of the house was actually very bland compared to the interior. I for one wasn’t going to get on the ladder and start painting. That’s why we hire professional painters Victoria BC to do the job.

They also helped us pick the right shades and had all the equipment. For us to get the right equipment on rental wasn’t going to be worth it.

#2 – Electrician

Now many people believe they can handle their own electrical needs. But our house was in need of a service upgrade. The house since it was older was only running on 100 amps. We clearly needed 200 amps since we were going to be creating a suite in the downstairs basement. So we needed to have more outlets for the suite downstairs.

Since I am concerned for the well being of my family, I wasn’t going to spend the time on how to figure out how to do this upgrade on my own and risk doing it incorrectly. I don’t think I need to mention how big of an issue it can be shall you not properly do your electrical work and wiring. It could cause a house fire due to a spark. This would put my family at risk. So I hired a friend who used a Victoria BC electrician to do the work for us and he did a great job.

So be sure to hire painters Victoria BC or Victoria BC electricians to help with any two of these areas. Professionals have the knowledge, equipment and cost much less than if you were to do their jobs on your own and screw it up.