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Travelgenio, All Over The World

We have changed our buying habits. We were used to find all we needed in the shops of our neighbourhood or even in all the city commerces. But now, with the Internet, everything got easier.

It does not matter where the shop is or even if it is in a local. If we want something, we just have to find it on the net, choose the price we want to pay for it just by comparing many shops all over the world and then, pay for it. What you want or need is sent. No matter if you buy it from a shop thousand kilometres away from home, you will find your purchase in front of your door in just a few days.

Something similar has happened if we talk about tourism. In a past not very far from our days, if you wanted to travel, you went to the agency you had near home, you chose with the agent the destination and dates, they worked for everything, they gave you the air tickets (yes, they were something not available just by an online check in), and then, you spent a high amount of money to travel.

Everything changed when the low cost airlines arrived. As Internet was getting global and popular, tourism started its revolution. Suddenly, low cost trips were available for everyone. Trips you never dreamed of, suddenly appeared on your screen at a price affordable for almost everyone.

As this revolution started, the online travel agencies started their launches to attract many other target that, otherwise, didn’t plan a trip.

This is the case of Travelgenio, a Spanish online travel agency that bet in 2010 to start its business.

Today, you can find many options to book online, through a travel agency or even directly with almost all airlines in the world.

Cities are connected not only by the ecommerce, where they can sell all type of products all over the world, but also with other cities just by a flight.

Travelers from everywhere now decide to cross the sky and land in a city in other part of our planet. This also means, as in the case of ecommerce, a democratization of cultures, destinations, products and also traditions.

Once everything is available not taking into account its procedence, we can assume we live in a global world, with global products, global destinations, and even global productions.

It does not matter where things are done (well, without forgetting some minimum if we talk about workers rights), a mark can produce its main objects far away from their head offices.

Don’t forget it, ecommerce, in all terms, made a recent revolution on the way we understand life.