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Trash Compactor - Advantages and How it Works

Trash Compactor – Advantages and How it Works

Solar_trash_compactorA garbage compactor is an appliance that is used to flatten trash and make it less bulky. Once compression is complete, the level of trash is reduced allowing space for extra trash until the waste is finally disposed. The use of a trash compactor prevents outdoor trash from becoming too voluminous.


A trash compactor operates through a motor. Once you switch on the unit, the engine lowers the press into the garbage receptacle, which presses the trash to compress it. Customized compactor bags have a protective lining to prevent tears and spillage. The bags can either be made of plastic or special type of paper. Plastic bags are a better option since they come in multiple plies.

Advantages of a Trash Compactor

Unlike regular garbage bags, compactors use less space than garbage bins and trash bags. In addition, you can keep two weeks of garbage in one compactor bag without worrying about the smell or rodents. A compactor can be placed in any part of a house or office with an electrical outlet. Stand Alone compactors have a firm top that can act as a stand for various appliances. Some compactors can fit under a counter top. Compactors are more attractive, clean, and easy to maintain that normal garbage bins.

MeditationGarbage compactors are ideal for non-recyclable garbage and food waste. You can quickly move the compacted bag with a bag caddie. You can easily store two weeks of garbage in a single bag before taking it outside for pickup.

Trash compactors make it easy to recycle. However, avoid putting large shards of glass in the compactor to avoid damage. The best recyclable trash to put in a compactor is plastic items and aluminum cans. Miltek compactors are easy to operate. Most have a foot pedal that you step on to open the compactor. Others have a handle that can be pulled open. Once you have enough garbage in the compactor, click the compact button and the trash will be flattened to create room for more garbage.

Inside the compactor, there are filters and deodorizing holders. These features help to get rid of bad odors from decomposing trash. The deodorizer works when the door of the compactor is closed. Unlike regular garbage bins, trash compactors do not let out bad odors produced by decomposing trash.