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Toxicity of Vitamin D is Rare in People Who Take Supplements- Research Finds

A new research has demystified suspicions about toxicity of vitamin D among those who take supplements of the vitamin. People often bask in the sun to naturally get vitamin D manufactured under their skin. Yet the effects of the ultraviolet rays from the sun has forced some people with low vitamin D levels to avoid the sun.

The number of those whose skin do not allow them to stay out in the sun is high. As such, the number of people who rely on Vitamin D supplements has gone up in recent years. These circumstances have given rise to numerous claims regarding possible side effects of the high levels of the Vitamin. This is in spite of the many health benefits of this vitamin.

Vitamin D is essentialin the body and has been found to boost bone health. Some foods are laced with it because of this essential benefit.The research that was carried out to look into the health of the people with high levels of vitamin D was motivated by the augmented use of vitamin D supplements. There was need to learn more about the health of these people.

A lot of information has so far been gathered which is useful in understanding the working of vitamin D. Normally a level of the vitamin that exceeds 50 nanograms for every milliliter is considered to be high. These levels are determined by a given blood test referred to asserum 25-hydroxyvitamin D. Acceptable levels of vitamin Drange between 20 and 50 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL). Anyone with anything less than 20 ng/mL of vitamin D is considered to have a deficiency according to international standards.

The findings from the study indicate that even the people having levels of vitamin D that go beyond the upper limit of 50 ng/mL have no signs ofelevated blood calcium or increased exposure to hypercalcemia. Increased levels of vitamin D therefore shows no increase in health risks that can be noted.

Hypercalcemia, which refers to a condition of increased blood calcium can always occur when the levels of vitamin D in the blood are very high. The findings that show no such a condition among the populations of people who use vitamin D supplements therefore leave only one explanation for the same: the supplements hardly cause toxicity to the blood.

People with too much calcium in their blood may feel weak, suffer kidney stones, or suffer brain and heart conditions. Even though these may be rare with persons who use supplements, medics advice that people must take caution. Merchants who offer these supplements should advise their clients on appropriate usage. Such merchants may open vitamin supplement merchant accounts currently being offered by EMB. Information regarding these accounts is available at