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Top Direct Selling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Top Direct Selling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Breaking into the direct selling market takes time and effort, perhaps more than some representatives realize before signing up with a multi-level marketing company. If you’re willing to put in the time and work necessary, you can easily build a business that offers you more money, more freedom, and more time to do what you love most. There are 5 common mistakes direct sellers make that prevent them from achieving the level of success they desire.

If you recognize any of these as common practices in your business, stop them immediately, and you’ll watch your business blossom.

  1. You Wait to Start Marketing Your Business

Once you’ve signed up with a multi-level marketing company like ACN that offers excellent products that you can stand behind, it’s time to start marketing. Immediately. Set up your website, start sharing your story on social media, and reach out to everyone you know. Limiting who you discuss your new business with, or waiting to invite friends and family to join your team, slows down the growth of your business, and holds you back from reaching the success you desire.

  1. You Leave It Up to Social Media to Advertise Your Business

Social media is an excellent tool to aid in marketing your business, attracting team members, and selling products. However, you should not rely on that platform alone to build your business. Use social media to share your story, but use other avenues, like email lists and face-to-face interaction, to really grow your business.

  1. You Mix Business with Pleasure on Social Media

It’s a good idea to consider creating a social media account just for your business to avoid too much overlap of your personal and professional lives, especially if you’re a very opinionated person. Taking a stance on a political issue or sharing something strongly religious can easily alienate some of your customers, driving them to take their business elsewhere.

  1. You Don’t Follow Up

Follow up is the key to success in the direct selling world. If someone expresses interest in your product or joining your team, follow up. Without follow up, your business will quickly fall apart, because customers occasionally forget to actually place their order, and sometimes potential team members get cold feet. Be the comforting person offering help and information when needed—it’s the only way you’re going to close on some of your sales.

  1. You Don’t Put in the Time Necessary to Build Your Business

Many people go into the direct sales industry thinking it’ll be simple to build a successful business, and that not much time or effort will be required. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, having your own direct sales business allows you to work at your leisure and build your business around your schedule, however, it doesn’t mean the business will magically build itself. Putting in time and effort early on in your business will allow you more freedom as your business grows and starts bringing in more money.

Don’t Be a Victim

The direct selling industry is an excellent option for anyone looking for more freedom in their employment. Avoiding the above 5 items will help you build a stronger business faster since you won’t fall victim to a lot of the pitfalls of many other representatives.