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Tips to Transition a Side Hustle to Full-Time Work

When you’re starting out as a new entrepreneur, it’s an exciting time. Perhaps you’ve decided to take a passion project and turn into a lucrative enterprise. You’ll have to remain focused, disciplined and goal-oriented in order to make it happen. It’s not a wise idea to quit your full-time job in order to build a side hustle unless you have a large cushion of money to cover your living expenses for at least a year. Instead, earn your full-time income from your job and work diligently to build your side hustle in the following ways.

  1. Manage your time wisely.
    Time is your greatest asset. You can’t ever get back the time you’ve spent. Monitor the time you spend doing frivolous things. Don’t spend a ton of time watching television or scrolling on social media. Create a schedule the night before. Wake up early in the morning and knock out the different tasks. If you spend two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening on your side hustle, you’ll make a ton of traction by the end of a week.
  2. Consider a virtual assistant.
    When you’re constantly trading your hours for dollars, you’re not going to get very far. If you choose to save a certain amount of money, you can easily hire a virtual assistant to take care of your list of needs. Email the assistant a list of things you need to be completed by the next day. While you’re at work, the assistant can work on those various tasks. When you make this investment, it allows your money to work for you.
  3. Create a designated area for work.
    Whether you live in a spacious single-family home or one of the financial district apartments, make sure that you have designated space for your work. If you have no other choice but to work in your bedroom, purchase a desk, table and chair. Create a mini-office space that allows you to physically get out of bed in order to get work done. It’s difficult to separate your work life and your personal life when you’re working two jobs. However, you don’t want to experience a bad case of burn-out. Create separation by creating a workspace at home and keep it protected.