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Tips To Move Your Office Easily And Effectively

Office moving involves lot of planning and paper works. Consent must be taken from higher officials to engage a service company for moving the office. If there are equipments like photocopier etc then they also need to be consulted regarding shifting of these machines using a relocation service because some companies will not agree to give permission to shift their equipments through others. Other things to keep in mind while moving an office is

  1. How big is your company? Can the shifting be handled by the staffs or any service is required. What are the things to be shifted? Should the moving be done on weekend or holiday? How far is the new office based on which you need to decide on engaging a service company?
  2. The moving of all the companies is not same so the estimation of service companies differs.
  3. Take a quotation from the service companies and see which will be cheaper.
  4. Sort out the entire plus and minus factors which will affect the shifting.

Moving the furniture on your own

If you decided to move the office on your own then follow the following steps

  1. Move the desks and furniture on the sides as it will be easy to lift. Remove all the contents from the drawers, top of the table and label them in a separate box.
  2. Remove all the contents from the shelves and label them in the corner.
  3. Boxes should be packed tightly and sealed on both sides to ensure nothing falls down while carrying. Boxes can be got from the service companies too.
  4. If you dismantle your book cabinet or shelve label them separately and keep it safe.
  5. Items like computers should be disconnected and notify your service agent that you are shifting. Cover your PCs with blankets and label the assigned employee number and pack in the moving bins.
  6. If you have any delicate materials don’t forget to mark it fragile and handle with care. Keep it separate and label it properly with the particulars about the items inside to ensure safe handling.
  7. Other than office furniture’s some electrical equipments need to be disassembled by technicians.
  8. Metal shelves should be disassembled. This will make the shifting easier
  9. Instruct your employees to remove any personal items such as purse, photos etc kept in their desks.
  10. For easier recognition of items for each employees assign a number to the employee and tag all the items related to him with that number so that after shifting rearranging will be easy.

Moving the office through professionals

If the office is moved across the country or continent then professional help is a must. Office mover work with a predesigned plan listed above so there is no confusion in relocation. They bring the boxes depending on the size of the furniture; equipments and files etc and tag them accordingly. They can be instructed about the delicate materials if any and they will take special care to handle them safely.

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Aidan asks you to find the best and effective office mover for any kind of commercial moves in local or long distance area.