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Tips on Finding the Best Commercial Embroidery Machine for your Business

There is no easy way to find the best commercial embroidery machine in the market. There is no one fool-proof way to purchase that one machine, because each business has its own unique needs. As a business owner, you need to have as stably pinned down as the fabric you’re about to embellish. You need to know just how much you’re willing to spend for your machine, how much space you have in your store, and the features you deem necessary to operate your business at a smooth pace.

Stitches per minute

Always remember that the fastest commercial embroidery machine for sale is not always the best. In fact, experts have noted that beyond 800 stitches per minute, machines already put too much tension on most threads, leading to more damages during production. Make sure that your machine’s speed does not exceed 800 SPM.

Handles and alignments

You don’t want commercial embroidery machines for sale that have parts that hold threads and fabrics too loosely, so pay careful attention during the demonstration of the machine. Don’t be afraid to touch the machine itself to make sure that the hooks and panels holding the fabric in place are doing their jobs. Ask for the head/s of the machines to be turned up so you can see the parts underneath. Are they well-aligned and consistent? What if the machine needs to change threads/colors for the design? Is the transition smooth? Look at the parts and don’t be afraid to ask the seller how available the spare parts of the model are especially if you intend to use the machine for years.


Used vs. Brand new

Start-up businesses that rely heavily on commercial embroidery machines for sale are usually limited by their budgets. This is why some business owners choose to purchase used embroidery machines for sale rather than brand new ones. This can be very risky, but sometimes, there are gems out there that are worth looking at.

Aside from the wear and make of the machine, business owners also need to remember that these machines are older, and their spare parts might not be as easy to find. When it comes to added hooks and frames, make sure you’re getting at least two of each kind. Also check if the used unit is well-aligned, and if it is new enough to fall under the manufacturer’s warranty.

A simpler, brand new unit might be a better deal for a business that has very few embroidery demands. You might want to look at brand new embroidery machines for sale if your business only requires basic stitches and capabilities.

Capacity vs. Price

Choosing the best embroidery machines for sale for your business is tricky because it’s so easy to fall for the newest, fanciest model out there. Don’t spend more money than you have for your business unless it’s big enough to handle the financial damage. Choose a machine that’s sufficient, reliable, manageable, but not so expensive that its purchase will put your business on a tight spot. Figure out how fast and how much you need to produce in a day, and choose a commercial embroidery machine that’s good enough for the task.

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