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Tips on Designing Your Own Custom T-Shirt

Tips on Designing Your Own Custom T-Shirt

Custom T-Shirt design is one way to stay ahead of folks and affirming your uniqueness as a creative mind. Whether you are a graphic designer, an illustrator, or a typographer, the idea of putting on your custom T-Shirt can be hugely appealing, influential, and be a way of making a statement. It can be the start of a business for you as you can see your designs online.

However, the process of creating a custom T-Shirt can be daunting; but you do not have to stress out. In this article, you will be given the tips that will help and guide you in creating your custom T-Shirt design.

Here are the helpful tips on designing the custom T-Shirt that you need to know.

  • Create A Concept

Every creative work starts with a unique concept. You need to explore your concept, sketch your design, take a break, create more variations, go for a walk, eat your best food, brainstorm on the idea and design, then sleep on it. Take these steps all over again and see what you can come up with. Make room for changes in the creative options.

  • Keep Things Simple

It is good to pay attention to details; however, it is better when people associate with your concept effortlessly. You do not have to make your design unnecessarily, overly complicated and too intense. You may struggle to pass your message with a complicated design. Look for a way to simplify your concept and still maintain topnotch creativity and make your design a masterpiece.

  • Choose the Right Colors

Color is one of the essential elements in creating custom T-Shirts. Using complementary colors is one way to appeal to a large percentage of the audience. If you are working on Adobe Illustrator, have the “Global Colors” turned on to save time and efforts. Besides, you can use “Halftones” also to explore the restricted colors you can use.

  • Mock Up Your Design

Know that there are differences between on-screen designs and printed pieces. Try and mock up your custom T-Shirt design on a photo of a model for more rational criticism. Print out the design and place it on a real T-Shirt to see your artwork at the actual size to make necessary edits for final rendering.

  • Finalize Your Artwork Professionally

When screen printing, ensure to use “Pantone Colors.” Besides, outline texts properly and expand any strokes in your design. Your printer will love you for this. To learn how to achieve these results, get your hands on online tutorials depending on the application you are using-Photoshop or Illustrator.