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Tips for Singapore Property Investment: The Launch of High Park

Tips for Singapore Property Investment: The Launch of High Park

In the last months, prices for Singapore properties have been in continuous decline and this can be a great opportunity for people who want to buy their first or second property. A second property can be used as a vacation home or it can serve a Singapore property investment. One of the opportunities is the launch of a new condominium, which is a complex of buildings that were developed over 99 years. The condominium is called High Park Residences and can be found in District 19, on Fernvale Road (in the Sengkang area).

The decline of prices comes as an effect of what the government calls the Total Debt Servicing Ration, which was introduced in June 2013. This is the best time for people who want to buy a residence in Singapore. High Park Residences is a complex that has 1400 constructions and 22 storey tall buildings. There are a total of 118 facilities and the following are included: club house, guard house, gym, function room, tennis court, swimming pool, playground for kids and barbeque. Full entertainment features exist for any family. The area is an oasis of tranquility.

People who love shopping can find a multitude of shopping centers nearby and there are many restaurants where people can eat delicious foods. More shopping venues can be found at Fernvale Point, where different amenities are offered. Near Fernvale Point, there are elite schools and a hospital is about to be completed by the year 2020. Also in the vicinity of the complex, people can find the Seletar Aerospace Park and Aerospace Hub. These facilities have been built for meeting the aerospace requirements of the area and of Singapore. The construction of these facilities has led to the creation of more than ten thousand jobs. The term estimated for finishing the project is the half of 2018. You can find out more if you visit

High Park Residences can be a great complex to choose for anybody who wants to live in the area or who is looking for a second property. But, before buying a property here or in a similar development, people may need to know exactly what they want to do with the property that they are buying. The reason is that different types of buildings should be bought for different purposes of using them. For example, the possible requirements of the people who will rent the property may have to be met. Those who want to bring their families to live in an apartment of High Park Residences may have to choose a larger apartment.

Experts say that people should not acquire a property in the area if they think they will not make money from it later. Even if the residence will be used just as a vacation home, it can still be rented for the period of time in which the owners are away. The following factors may have to be considered when a property is bought in the area: design layout, amenities offered, shopping venues in the vicinity, size, price and others. Those who have more money could buy more than one property, for a bigger investment. No matter what they choose, High Park Residence is great for Singapore property investment.