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Tips Before Buying Second Hand Printing Machines

Used-Offset-Printing-MachineHEIDELBERG is a German company that manufacturers printing machines. The HEIDELBERG printing machines are sold globally and this company is the world leader among manufacturers of printing machines.

To make good quality catalogues, posters, labels and calendars, offset printing (sheet – fed) is considered to be the best. HEIDELBERG is the one and only company that produces prepress equipment, press equipment and post press equipment in the world.

In 2011, HEIDELBERG started a partnership with a company called Ricoh in Japan to help in selling and supporting Ricoh’s latest product – digital offset color presses or machines.

Why should you buy Heidelberg second hand machinery?

In the printing industry, Heidelberg has a long pedigree as the world leader and undoubtedly, a Heidelberg second hand machine provides superior printing quality in spite of having run for so long.

There are a lot of dealers who offer used Heidelberg for sale. The quality of these machines are so good that even the second hand ones run as good as the new one. No doubt, second hand machines may be available at a much cheaper rate compared to the market price of first hand machines. But there are certain points to keep in mind before purchasing used or second hand machines.


  • Machine Capacity

Machine capacity is an important factor to bear in mind, before going for a used printing machine. Capacity refers to what is the number of prints that the machine can produce within a particular frame of time. Capacity to print differs from machine to machine. One can find high capacity printing machines or machines with medium capacity or low capacity. The buyer can choose the one that matches his requirement.

  • Quality of print

Print quality is yet another factor to remember if you are planning to go for used Heidelberg for sale. Good print quality ensures thatyou will be able to create a better goodwill as the good print quality will make your name remembered among a number of other printers. This way you will definitely have an edge over your competitors. Flexography machines are also used by many printers, but their print quality is just average and such machines are used by printer businessmen who want to cut costs and are ready to compromise on quality of print.

  • Cost of the machine

When planning to buy a used Heidelberg for sale, always make sure you are not paying too high a price. The second hand machines are always cheaper than first hand ones. Some dealers might quote a higher rate and claim that the machines are as good as new. But a used machine is always a used machine. Nobody knows what kind of repairs the machine might have undergone during its first usage and it is difficult to make out whether the parts which were repaired and replaced are of good quality.

  • Name of the brand

Last, but not the least, the brand name definitely makes a lot of difference. Heidelberg as a brand is a renowned one and is synonymous to quality.