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Qualities Of An Effective Leader

Effective Leader

This article covers a few of the qualities that an effective leader should have. The article has been framed with the job of being a leader as a manager. If you can put any and all of these qualities on a CV then you are one step closer to getting your job as a manager.


The manager is the leader which means running back to his or her boss or looking to other people for direction is a bad idea. This does not mean that a manager should not ask for help; on the contrary it is a good thing. It just means that a leader should be independent enough not to have to rely on the constant help of others. You may hear senior managers refer to this as a manager that needs his/her hand held.

Problem solving

This moves through all forms of leadership. Most people’s understanding of being a leader is being able to take people in a certain direction. The roadmap (in metaphorical terms) of that direction is about as clear as a crude oil stain. That is why the leader must be good at problem solving. The leader will come across obstacles, and the leader has to figure out a way to get around, over, under or through the obstacle. The best leaders are able to remove obstacles, and the greatest leaders are able to plan in advance so that they never come across the obstacle.


In other words, the manager has to manage just as the leader needs to lead. The manger must be effective at his or her job. The other skills and qualities listed on this article are worth very little if the manager is unable to be effective at his or her job.


It is going to be up to the manager to influence people. That is a primary quality of a leader. A leader used to lead with the threat of violence. A manager cannot do that these days. In fact, it is also a bad idea to lead with threats of being sacked as it simply under motivates the staff. It is the job of a modern manager to lead people by influence.

A keen learner

A good leader and manager is one that learns and keeps learning. Modern jobs do not stay the same for very long and it is up to the manager and leader to adapt to the current situation. Some people do this by learning on the job or with books, and others do it by going to seminars run by Human Potential Research Ltd. Managers can learn how to be more direct, decisive, strong willed and motivated and these skills can be realised and honed by Human Potential Research Ltd and other motivational organisations and programmes.


This may sound like more of a quality that a zoo keeper or vet should have, but a sensitivity to the moods and emotions of customers, staff and senior management is needed if the manager if the manager is to survive the office and business politics of the western world.


A good leader should be sensitive in some areas and strong in others. It is up to a leader to make an impact, and the leader must be able to stand up for his or her self. There are times when a good leader will have to convince other people of things, and that takes a lot of strength and conviction that is often mistook for stubbornness.