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The Importance of an Office

FTL-Kuba-JewgieniewOne of the marks that a business is more than just a fly-by-night operation is its office space. Not every business can have a cool and trendy workspace like Google, but there are certainly ways to make the workspace more engaging. At Realty ONE Group, for instance, the focus was on “high end” to appeal to clients looking to invest in real estate.

Tech companies love the “exposed” look, where air ducts and wiring hangs from the ceiling for all to see. The aesthetics of an office, however, aren’t the only important qualities in having your own office. According to Kuba Jewgieniew, who runs one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in America, having an office also impacts your business prospects too.

Work Ethic

One key point that Jewgieniew highlights is work ethic. When you have an all-digital office space, you tend to lose the spark of camaraderie that can come with an office space. Spontaneous acts, like bringing donuts to the office or sharing some conversation in the kitchen, are important parts of making your business an attractive place to work. Company culture means just as much as the paycheck.

Customer Perception

Your office also gives off signals about your business that customers pick up on. If the office is rundown, or it’s in a particularly unattractive or dangerous part of town, you’ll have a hard time attracting certain kinds of customers.

Final Thoughts

Having a space where employees can work hard is crucial to success. A home office is a nice addition, and maybe something worth encouraging employees to set up on their own. Owning or renting your own space is key to providing employees the space they need to do their jobs effectively.