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The Fastest Growing Hospitality Companies in Asia

The hospitality industry is growing leaps and bounds in Asia mainly due to increased domestic demand and travel between different Asian countries as economies deliver more disposable revenue.  Chinese travel spend now has a huge impact to other Asian countries for example. In order to manage this the hospitality companies are gearing up the services they offer their clientele.  Here is our pick of the fastest growing hospitality businesses in Asia.

Premiere Hospitality Asia specializes in an array of hospitality management including routine reservations, booking of villas and Group___Sunsetspecial services like wedding planning and events. The have the largest portfolio of villas in the South East Asia and its islands including Singapore, Bali, Malaysia, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur and the adjoining islands. The Premiere Hospitality group has a team of extremely qualified guests relations team and has seen growth consistently double as the market for expensive and mid range villa rentals increases.

Delivering Asia is another company that offers hospitality services in all Asian countries with the exception of Japan. This is one of the fastest growing hospitality companies in Asia and is already well known for designing corporate vacations, conferences and business trips. In addition to these services, the company also offers day-to-day services like guided tours in the local Asian markets, event planning services for clients on vacation and short and long-term vacations.  The growth of this company in the Asian travel services sector has been spectacular.

HPL hotels and resorts have its headquarters located in Singapore and manage properties in Bali, Pataya and Langkawai. The HPL group manages not only manages hotels and resorts but also Boutique hotels in Asia as well as some Hard Rock Café hotels and luxury resorts. Beach destination hotels are their speciality and with the increase of domestic Asian travel they do not seem to be able to expand fast enough to keep up with demand.  The growth of HPL has been jaw dropping as they expand into further management contracts and lease agreements across Asia HPL is certainly a company to watch.

Our Hot Pick

Mad Monkey Hostels in Cambodia has proved popular with all types of travellers even though the company is firmly targeted on the booming youth travel market. The fact that the youth travel market is seeing so much growth in the flashpacker / backpacker sector combined with the astronomical Asian travel growth in general has sent this company skyrocketing.  They have deployed one new property per year since opening and are now the defacto powerhouse of the youth hostel sector in Cambodia.  They recently announced a further expansion of the hostel brand into budget hotels and no sooner had they announced it the company had managed to secure some very prestigious properties under their management.

The hostel chain is extremely popular in Cambodia and has three locations, Kampot, Siem Reap and Phnom Pehn.  The staff at the Mad Monkey consists of a 200 person crew to look after just 500 guests which has allowed them to price differentiate based on the hotel like level of service the company gives guests. If the management contracts and the existing hostel growth were not enough they also expanded an already bouyant hostel tours business into the escorted tours market with the intention of competing against more established companies such as Contiki and Intrepid, when they opened up the first 40 tour places they had sold out within an hour of being posted on the website.  The phenomenal support they receive from the customers is probably augmented by this companies socially responsible policies and they are a stated “for profit social enterprise” making them potentially one of the most successful truly social enterprises in the global hospitality sector right now.