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The Dos and Don’ts of Buying a Second Hand Car for Business

If your business needs to improve its transportation or its professional image, then you’ve no doubt considered buying a vehicle purely for business use. Using your own car for business is far from ideal but, with buying a car purely for business use expensive, is it the best choice? In this post we argue that it could be, with buying a used car online lowering associated costs dramatically. If you think this option is a good one for your business, then here are the dos and don’ts:


Look Around Online: There are now hundreds of car dealers and dealerships online, which makes finding your new business vehicle simpler than it ever has been before. Companies such as Ridgeway even display their finance details alongside their cars, so you can weigh up whether you can afford it on your own sofa, away from bothersome sales representatives.

Searching online couldn’t be any easier. But much like if you toured garages looking, remember to shop about. Your best deal could be around the corner.

Check For the Availability of Spares: Although used cars are far cheaper than their new equivalents, there is also the room for greater problems, especially if they’re out of warranty, which means they can be expensive to run. For this reason, if you’re buying an older used car, check what the availability of spare parts is like. If there are plenty around, it means the cost of repairs should be minimised. If there aren’t any then it might not be cost-effective and you could end up scrapping it.


Buy With High Mileage: If you’re buying a car for business then it’s likely you’ll be racking up the motorway miles. As a result, it’s best advised against buying vehicles that already have high mileage, as the likelihood of breaking down increases.

Low mileage versions are often available online for very little extra. Plus, if you buy with low mileage, you’ll be able to keep it for even longer.

Buy Without Seeing the Car in Person: Finally, even though it is tempting, never buy online without seeing the car in person. Photos can sometimes be misleading, and you’ll need to test drive it to see whether it is the right car for you and your needs. Depending on where you’re buying it from, you may even be able to haggle on the price.

So there you have it, the dos and don’ts of buying a used car online for your business.