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The Brilliant App That Will Transform Sales

One of the most appreciated inventions that transformed the way today’s sales executives function is the AutoMagic Sync app which is part of the Floating Apps collection of apps. Hundreds of companies have already become loyal to AutoMagic Sync as it is intuitive, smart and comes with unique features.

The most popular feature offered by AutoMagic Sync is the seamless integration of Salesforce and email from Google Apps. No other application has been able to create such a powerful connection between Salesforce and Google Apps in such a thorough and complete manner.

For any sales executive, time is literally the most important aspect of his or her work. The planning, scheduling and execution of sales deals requires a very sharp lookout on calendar schedules. Oftentimes sales managers and sales agents need to check two different calendars: the Google Calendar and the Salesforce calendar. That’s no longer needed after installing AutoMagic Sync, an app that smartly syncs data between these two.

In the daily activity of a sales rep all important emails and attachments pertinent to the clients are also required to be up-to-date, complete, and easily accessible. All this requires a special effort from the sales rep and errors in data are usually costly. The process of manually dealing with this data consumes a lot of the sales rep’s time that could otherwise be productively utilized for planning new sales strategies, making sales or improving customer relationships. In addition, many sales agents view these activities as tedious, dreary and monotonous and they are indeed the less pleasant aspect in the work of sales agent. Despite their best efforts, even the most veteran sales executives are prone to make errors, or tend to miss out some important emails, calendars, or contacts. AutoMagic Sync is thus a godsend as it automates this process completely.

AutoMagic Sync is a completely cloud based app, meaning there is no need to download any browser plugin or to do any complicated installations. The entire setup takes just one minute. Once done, it quickly and easily syncs emails, contacts, and calendar events.

One of the most important and helpful aspects is the integration of Salesforce with Gmail. The Salesforce email integration is done by AutoMagic Sync’s Smart Email Import.  Every 15 minutes, AutoMagic Sync checks email and immediately imports emails to the correct account owner in Salesforce. It also ensures that all the email fields are correctly synced and mapped and that duplicates and personal emails are skipped. The app also offers the option to import earlier emails and sync specific user calendars. Thus, the sales team would be able to quickly identify all the required data of customers and get the full activity history for all the clients. The reports being pulled out from Salesforce would always be up to date and thus can help the sales team accurately predict and manage their sales. It also helps the sales manager to give quick advice and tips to the sales team to improve productivity and results.

Save the time and effort required in updating and syncing emails and calendar events manually! Try out Floating Apps today and experience the immense increase in productivity that it always seems to generate. You would never look at sales management the same way again. Charge up your sales team’s energy and close every deal with the help of AutoMagic Sync!