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The Best Local SEO Strategy For Targeting Multiple Cities

Local SEO is not done a whole lot differently then regular SEO. You still need properly optimized content, page tiles and backlinks.

You also have to watch how many keywords and cities you target on your main page. This is an issue I come across when doing audits for my SEO Vancouver company, Meaningful Marketing. Many local businesses are keyword stuffing their main pages with two many cities.

I came across this situation during one of these audits for a now client. They were trying to target to many cities to one page. Since Google loves websites with lots of content and pages, I suggested we branch these pages off and create separate ones for each city.

Our main city is Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The greater Victoria area is huge and has nine municipalities. Driving from one municipality to another could take up to 45 minutes with traffic.

People know this and that’s why they are starting to search hyper local or specific search terms for your product or service. They want someone close by.


Now you might be thinking that it’s pointless to target a municipality if your business isn’t there. Sure it might be. But if you feel your website and business are better than your competitors, why wouldn’t you try to convince people to drive into a different municipality and do business with you?

I’m all about getting targeted web traffic to my clients websites. And this is a way to do that. Your chances of turning these visitors to these municipality pages increases if you have a great blog with educational and valuable content about your products or services. Even better if you have answered peoples questions through blog posts.

So how do you go about creating these hyper local SEO landing pages?


You need to have at least 300 words of content on these pages. You’ll have to make sure they are different and don’t violate Google’s duplicate content policy.


In that content you will need to include your keywords (product/service+municipality) at least 4 times. For a Dentist the keyword could be “Saanich Dentist” or “Dentist in Saanuch”.

It’s also advised to have the main keyword in the URL of the page. For the dentist above it would be “

Having the keyword as the page title is the last step to optimization the page.


You’ll want to link to these municipality pages from other pages on your website. It’s best to have them linked to from the main page. On your main page, you can mention you offer your product or service to your surrounding municipalities. You’ll then link those municipalities to their specific page.

So I’ve laid out and easy step by step process on how to target hyper local searchers. Our []Vancouver SEO company has done this and is targeting all the major cities on the province of British Columbia.