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Technology For Parents And Their Traveling Students

For the past 20 years, there has been a major push at university level to drive students to learn foreign languages, as well as explore different cultures and customs to prepare themselves for the global job market. Unfortunately, better career opportunities don’t always act as a strong enough motivation for students to warm up to the idea of a going for a global degree. In order to entice them into doing what is arguably best for their career, technology can play a huge role. It doesn’t only create a convenient and at times exciting learning environment for students, but also proves to be extremely beneficial for parents concerned about sending their kids abroad as well. Let’s take a look at the role that technology can play in the global learning environment.

For Parents:

Kids travelling abroad for a foreign degree can raise some serious concerns in the minds of parents. The thought of not being aware of what the child is up to while in another country, and the realization that if something bad happens, they may only hear about it after it’s too late to offer any kind of help may instill unshakable paranoia into their minds. A strong antidote to this paranoia lies in the use of technology. Computer software offering services such as remote monitoring of devices are easily available nowadays. This empowers parents to keep track of their kids’ computer activities and thus remain updated about their lives irrespective of the geographic distance. If something is amiss, technology will play its role in bringing it to light without delay, thus giving parents ample time to react appropriately.

Provide Tablets For Learning:

Text books are heavy, let’s lighten the load and provide students with tablets which are easy to carry. Tablets can be as large as 10 inches. Near the size of a laptop display.

Grab A Note Taker:

Now students can use smart pens that digitally transfer information to your tablet, which you can then download into a Word document. If you use Google Docs (see below) then you can share editable documents with classmates.

Grab A Note Taker Part 2:

You can’t write down every word professor shares, but you can record each lecture with various apps like SoundNote for iPad. The audio files can easily be uploaded to YouTube for sharing class notes with everyone you know.

Bring Style To Your Portable Note Taker:

You can now have fashionable drives to carry and pass classroom lectures, notes and projects with your peers.

Google Docs:

If you don’t want to use a flash drive, then start to teach your classmates how to incorporate Google Docs into their study habits. I know many of you have seen the Hall & Oates Google Docs commercial about collaboration.

Power For All Nighters:

You will need a power pack to make sure everything you use for learning is always powered. There are many different powerpacks you can choose from. Some are even solar driven. Make sure you purchase a power pack which is easy to carry and does not add too much weight to your traveling load.