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Tall Storeys Is The Best Book To Read If You Want To Give Your Mind A Challenge

Tall Storeys Is The Best Book To Read If You Want To Give Your Mind A Challenge

Here is the chance to try something different, a book that will challenge your mind and your judgment. Whenever money is involved into a matter, things can develop into real difficulties, especially when the amounts of money are quiteTallStoreys_Front significant. Here is the story of a man that apparently have them all. Money, women, fortune, everything was lying at his feet, or at least this is the way things looked like. Stories about men that managed to climb to the top of the social pyramid and then risked to hit the solid ground beneath fascinated people. What feeling can it be to be up there and have access to things that other people only dream about and then see the giant gap that is forming before your eyes?

Harry Swiers decided to tell us a story like this. With a real experience as an insurance broker and activity in the field of building trade, the author must have seen a lot of wealthy and successful people, but had the power to realize that all of these things are shallow and can disappear as fast as they appeared. The games that are played while trying to gain fame and fortune can get quite dirty and your best partner can become your enemy. This is trying the author to underline when presenting the relationships between the men involved into this story. A millionaire, Peter Sykes, a man that once had them all now is facing bankruptcy. Fred Evans, pushed by his entrepreneurial feelings is trying to success in business, but has financial problems.  George A. Fronrome, a local taxman motivated by his own promotion wants to put an end to all the business plans of Fred. All these men, by their actions, thoughts, way of looking upon things, are spicing up the text of the book with intricate stories.

It is quite easy to tell that the author had contact with the financial world, because the book has all the vocabulary needed to feel the air of a business meeting. This is the best book to read if you want to give your mind a challenge, something to make it raise questions while trying to understand how rich people, or the ones that are trying to get there, are thinking and what their perspective over life is. And of course, no story about fame and money could be completed without the adjacent love affairs, given in this book by two lovely ladies, Shirley Wrigley and Laura Davies, which are both fighting to get in the graces of our well-known millionaire, Peter.

All in all, this book has the major ingredients that will compose a complex whole, managing to feed our mind and interest with happenings from the high life of the society, and implicit to show us that the clouds at that height are not so pink after all. The lives of the wealthy are always hidden behind curtains, but with the help of Harry Swiers we can get hold of an idea about how things look like and, above all, to see that being rich does not guarantees a long and careless life. This is the best things about this book, that even if it is a novel, it has its hooks deep into reality, pointing out that fortune also has its traps and the story might not always have a happy ending.

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