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Suitable occasions for corporate gifts and how to hand them over elegantly

Be careful with your generosity4_IMG_5872.jpg

Giving of corporate gifts in Singapore, and in countries with various nationalities, is very tricky. Some may receive it positively; others may see it as awkward. Even if your intention is pure, you can’t dictate spectators on not thinking about some hidden agenda behind the gift.

Therefore, perfect timing is very important. Whether it is corporate gifts or just a personal gift to someone, it’s very important to consider who are you giving it to and what is the background of this person.

It’s still best to keep safe

If you intent to give out corporate gifts to high profile business contacts in Singapore, then do it in a very natural way. As I’ve said earlier, even if your intention is as pure as white but your giving comes in a wrong timing, it’s very easy to be misunderstood. There are companies in Singapore, which open their door few times in a year to the public, a time for them to give out corporate gifts with effective branding. When are these times?

During the company anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter Egg Hunt, etc. In Singapore, most companies give customized and exclusive corporate gifts during these occasions. In this way, the ‘business’ aspect in the gift giving will be minimized. This will be appreciated as a form of token of appreciation and of participation in the company’s event.

Go level up

You know what’s the most effective and the safest way to gift giving? I tell you a secret. In my company before, we oftentimes have trainings. We have both interpersonal and technical trainings in our facility. If you want to tie up with influential people, invite them to share their secrets in your company event, inside or outside of the company.

After his or her presentation, give a token of appreciation. Of course, if you want to make the corporate gifts in form of a token, it must be designed by one of the best and most creative corporate gifts companies in Singapore.

Exclusive customized corporate gifts Singapore can be given out during special occasions of the company, whether it’s a form of a token of appreciation or a prize. Just don’t give them randomly without a plain and explainable reason.