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Static Caravan Sales – How to Find the Perfect Buyer

So I have a caravan, and since I’ve made the investment in a static caravan I want to get a reasonable return from it. So I have two options in order to get a good return on my investment – either sell My Static Caravan or lodge it to holiday makers privately. However, I know that selling my caravan can be a lengthy process, and I know it could take some time. It’s going to take me time to find out a proper Caravan Buyer.

I could fix the price for the static Caravan that I have and The park operator may help me to find a Static Caravan Buyer. But, I know I cant rely on him fully. Being the owner of the park he’s got his own caravans and his own interests.

So after some research I found the best method to find out a Static Caravan Trader is spread the news about my offer through advertisements. Advertisements in newspapers, e-bay, super markets and shop windows I was pretty sure that these would fetch me prospective buyers for the caravan.

UK Caravans Direct.

So after doing my research I was able to find a website on which I can sell my caravan by either positing it on eBay throught the site, or by selling it to the site directly, I found some really interesting things, some of which I have listed below.

  1. You can sell directly to the website and get the value of the Static Caravan paid directly to you
  2. You can list your Caravan on the site and have it listed on eBay at the same time
  3. There are multiple listing options, from the site alone to eBay or just ebay alone.
  4. The website will list your caravan for atleast 28 days, on which you’ll be given the option to renew

So my experience has been pretty good so far. I hope this artiucle has helped you, and if you want to sell your caravan, I recommend you take a look at