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SOS Plombier Luxembourg – Glazer in Luxembourg

SOS Plombier Luxembourg is a Luxembourgishfirm and your expert in home interventions and troubleshootingon all windows, shutters and glazing problems in Luxembourg.

Our head office is in Luxembourg, precisely at the 5th Street Heienhaff, in the city of Senningerberg and with the postcode 1736.

SOS Plombier Luxembourg is a subsidiary of the Giraud Benelux group in Belgium, hence the possibility for our heating plumbers to intervene for cases in neighbouring regions close to Belgium and Luxembourg like Luxembourg City, Metz and Arlon.

SOS Plombier Luxembourg consists of several qualifiedglazing plumber experts that are at your disposal and act according to your requirements, taking into account your design, budget and comfort. Such is the mission of SOS Plombier Luxembourg ‘glaziers.

For all your construction or renovation projects, our glaziers are able to offer you a wide range of glass products for both the residential and commercial sector. Our professionals will accompany you in the design and implementation of your projects, whether residential, commercial, industrial or institutional.

Need a technician for you to change your broken windows? Looking for someone to install or replace your windows? SOS Plombier Luxembourg’ Glaziers are at your service and offer services such as;

  • Showcase installation
  • Installation of double and triple glazing
  • The poses of safety burglar glass
  • Window Stores installation
  • The poses of shutters and blinds
  • Replacement of all types of glass and mirrors
  • Installation of armoured glass
  • Glass shielding

For more peace of mind, let our experts perform for you the installation of glass products. Once there, our team of experienced glaziers makes a professional and meticulous work, to give you the perfect result that you expected.

Our qualified glaziers are there ​​within 30 minutes in case of emergencies in Luxembourg and that, 24h/24, 7/7.

Call 00352 691 8060 15 or visit our website more information.