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Some Tips On Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

Have you ever shopped online? Nowadays, it is quite rare to find somebody who hasn’t bought anything online, especially if they have access to Internet and a credit card. Online commerce makes life easier for everyone, no matter if they’re a seller or a buyer. But this is true only if the merchandise reaches its destination.

As a buyer you’re probably more interested in a free shipping offer, and do not care much about the company employed for the service. As a consumer you might also fancy next day shipping, and fast delivery. What you don’t really know is that various companies operate differently. To have a proper ecommerce order fulfilment, sellers need to collaborate with reputable companies offering a wide array of delivery services

Most shoppers aren’t even aware that some shipping companies don’t operate internationally, but only locally  It is common practice for traditional businesses to have personnel in charge of shipping goods from the store to the client’s door. A classic example of this is a home food delivery restaurant.

These days ecommerce order fulfilment offers an increasing space for new businesses. In order to attract more customers these companies need to make sure some common demands are met. Let’s take a look at these demands coming from both sellers and buyers.


Security happens on many levels. Most clients want the items they ordered on their doorsteps as quickly as possible. Usually this is possible if the seller is in the same city or country. Often times it is crucial for the products to reach their destination in one piece. There are cases in which the parcels are lost due to various unfortunate incidents. A reliable shipping company will ensure the buyer’s dissatisfaction is kept to a minimum.


It is not uncommon for sellers to keep their merchandise in a storage room. It’s also quite common for shipping companies to own large warehouses where they can hold goods until they’re being sent out. It’s not always possible to keep the goods packed, but they need to be upon being sent to their new owner. Specialised personnel that pays attention to how they wrap things is important for a thriving business. There might be cases where the parcels are being checked to see if they contain what they’re supposed to contain.


As mentioned above, nobody can tell when storing goods is needed. Delivering packages doesn’t always go smoothly, especially if the buyer is not at home at the time their order reaches them. Owning a large storeroom is very important, as usually a shipment is held for up to 2 weeks before it is being returned.


You know you’re dealing with a serious ecommerce order fulfilment business when you’re being offered as many shipping options as possible. One of them is tracking the parcel, especially when sending items from one continent to another. Another option to have is choosing the delivery route: by air, water, or road.

All of these above mentioned factors influence the shipping price. Often, shipping is included in the price of the items, while other times you are required to pay separately for it. If the price is included, you should double check that there is only one shipping method, which usually means by air or road.