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Servicing And Maintenance: Basic Mot Test Checks

At the same time, it is conceivable to cut your bill and maximize your car’s possibilities of passing through the MOT test by making a couple of fundamental checks before going to the MOT test center.

Tires and wheels

Car tires must be the right sort and size. In the event that you have fitted a space-saver extra tire onto one of your wheels, supplant it with a standard tire before the test.

Check that all tires have a tread depth of no less than 1.6mm right the way around and over the focal 75 percent of the pattern. Search for critical bumps or cuts in the sidewall.

Although extra tires aren’t checked as a feature of the MOT test, those put away remotely will should be affixed safely.


The majority of your lights including headlamps, stopping lights, switching lights, indicators and registration plate bulbs, should be the right shading and in great working request for your car to finish the MOT test.

Clean them, and after that get somebody to attempt them while you stroll around the car. On the off chance that they gleam when tapped delicately with your hand, they presumably need fixing into position or supplanting them. On the off chance that you discover a bulb has blown, it is a smart thought to change it before the MOT test.

Wipers and windscreen

The wipers and washers ought to function admirably enough to permit you a reasonable perspective of the street. Verify you top up the washer bottle before the MOT test and use a pin to unblock the jets if essential.

It’s additionally important to verify your windscreen is in great condition before the MOT test, especially the region that is cleared by the wipers. Evacuate any stickers that could block your perspective and pay special mind to chips or breaks longer than 1cm.

Registration plates

Before the MOT test, verify your registration plates are in great condition and are firmly affixed to the car. All the letters and numbers ought to be anything but difficult to read from 20m away.

Remember that the police can see the use of uncommon textual styles as an attempt of obstructing the law. If you are not sure that your plate meets any legal requirements, consult it with an expert.


All doors must open and close freely for your car to go through its MOT test. Once closed, they ought to remain solidly shut. Front doors ought to have the capacity to open from inside and outside the car.

Vehicle structure

Walk around your car and take a look at its general condition. The body ought to be free from unreasonable corrosion or harm, especially anything that is prone to influence the braking or steering.

There shouldn’t be any sharp edges uncovered that could be a threat to other street users. If there are, your car could fail its MOT test.

Under the hood

Open the hood and verify the brake liquid supply and oil are full. If you don’t feel competent to do this checks on your own the best option is the find a car service at MyCarNeedsA.

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