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Selling Your Static Caravan – A Guide on How to Get the Best Valuation

If I want to sell My Static Caravan as the first step I have to get the it valued properly and getting the caravan valued properly is not an easy task. There are guides that one I can refer to get information that may help me fix the price of the caravan properly.

Prior to selling a Static Caravan its price can be correctly worked out by consulting the Glasses Guide. Those who do not have access to the Glasses Guide can take the permission of the park owner. The valuation by Glasses Guide is purely based on the unit value. Those who want to sell their caravan should be aware of the fact that a caravan is subjected to depreciation every year.

Data that should be provided

Those who are in search of a caravan buyer must be clear about the following aspects of his caravan.

  • How old is the caravan?
  • The exact location in the park
  • The present condition of the caravan
  • Its maintenace cost in an year
  • The rental income from the caravan

All the above data will ebnable the Static Caravan Trader to value the Caravan. In addition to the above each caravan will have its own other requirements also. In order to sell the caravan the Static Caravan Buyer will require an agreement from the seller. Some of the parks will have the condition that the caravan can be sold through their sales team only. I such cases the park will charge a fee for the same.

Valuation by the Dealer

The exact value of the caravan will be provided by the Glasses Guide. In case the owner of the caravan occupies a pitch also that will also help to increase the value of the caravan. The dealers also will provide the trade value of the caravan and also the value of the pitch occupancy license. The dealers will also act as agents and help the owner to sell the caravan for a fixed amount as commission. In case the owner sells the caravan through such a dealer, the advertisement need not be given. As agents for the caravan the dealers will try to get the best possible trade price for the caravan. They will also ensure to add the values of additional facilities like verandas, passages etc. The trading agency will charge a licence fee payment of 15% plus the VAT payable from the sales proceeds.