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Retiring to Fiji

Many who have worked hard all their lives have reached the retirement age and asked themselves “where should i go?”

“Fiji the way the world should be” is an advert saying that has proved true for many retirees who have made Fiji their permanent home. With over 330 tropical lush islands, Fiji is not only the centre of the Pacific for trade but for tourism as well. From its live coral diving, pristine sand beaches and untouched natural environment, Fiji is leading the way in eco-friendly development. One such development is Naisoso Island, a luxury upmarket island just ten minutes away from the Nadi International Airport. Naisoso is a gated community with riverfront lots on one side and beachfront lots on the other. On the far side of the island is an upcoming five star resort with luxury apartments for sale or rent. This is just one example of retiree communities being setup due to the increased interest in visitors wanting to settle permanently or make Fiji a holiday home stop over.

Fiji provides for foreign retirees in a way many other countries cannot. Daily living is reasonable and Value Added Tax remains at 15% and has been so for quite some time now. There are over 40 listed Fiji real estate companies locally who provide an extensive range of property listings from all over the country. Everything from office space to whole factory outlets, from simple waterfront lots to whole range green farms and all at local currency which is about double that off the US currency. Take advantage of this and invest now while there are still opportunities available.

Fiji is at its Boom Phase now. With capital public projects such as new highways, schools and hospitals underway it sets up a good starting point for many investors who not only are interested in retiring but also starting a business. There a few local financial institutions who provide financial assistance to foreigner/local partnership business start-ups.

Most of us desire to at some point to retire to some exotic island, purchasing a holiday home in a quiet and private local community by the beach where it’s nice and warm throughout the year, or taking that giant step and completely relocating to an island in the pacific. Even so it can be more than merely a daydream at the office…your tropical island in the sun can be a reality.

If you love the whole notion of leaving everything behind and just going for it then we have just what you’re looking for. Come to Fiji on one of your holidays and see for yourself. Crystal blue waters, affordable living, friendly people and central location are some of the advantages Fiji has over many island nations. Make that move many have made before you by calling Fiji her home and don’t worry about being late because here we are on “Fiji Time”, meaning time practically crawls…so relax and lay back, sip a fruit cocktail from under a palm tree and see why Fiji is the way the world should be.