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Renting Property in Thailand for Newbie’s

If you would need to drop by and stay for a while in Thailand for business or job-related missions, you need to find a place that would be suitable. While it would be good to stay in a hotel for a few days, if you need to stay longer than a month to up to a year, you have to make the efforts to seek and find a rental property that would serve as your home while in this beautiful Asian country. Fortunately, there are numerous accommodations and serviced apartments that could be useful to you.

For newbie’s, looking around to find places to live in would be quite a challenge. If you are not too familiar with the community you are targeting, the task would be challenging. Even if you have that familiarity, you surely would still realize that it is a difficult task to find and take rental property for you (and your family). It would help if you would consider the following guidelines when finding a good and appropriate apartment or any rental property in Thailand.

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Location and cost

First thing to consider when finding a Bangkok apartment would be its location. The best tip for this factor is to choose a unit near or within walking distance from MRT subway stations of the BTS skytrain. By ensuring this, you can be sure that you can always be on the go to places tourists and expatriates should check out while in Thailand. Also, it would not be practical to get a place in an area where it would take longer to go to the office or to the basic establishments like malls, groceries and hangout spots.

Look at the price. Of course, the cost of the apartment rate should be prioritized. Most Bangkok apartment units are affordable compared to major hotels and accommodations. When looking at the price, take note of any hidden costs. Ask the landlord if the bills for utilities like water and electricity are covered by the rent. If not, it would be more advisable if you could directly pay and shoulder your bulls. Living in or near the city’s prime spots definitely would be much costly compared to living in farther places.

Meticulous inspection

Before finally signing the tenancy contract, inspect the apartment unit carefully. It would be advisable if you would check out and inspect the place twice—in the evening and during daytime. This way, you would be able to thoroughly inspect the interiors and check out if the living condition would be ideal for you.

Almost all the existing rental apartment units around are having good facilities. It would be noteworthy that some accommodations proudly offer 5-star services that are at par with the services offered by 5-star hotels.

More research

Check out and do a little research about the security in the area. A rental property apartment certainly could ensure that the building security is good and reliable. Check the stringency of the service personnel and see if just anyone can break in to and from the property at any given time. If it is the case, find another apartment.

Check the view from the apartment you would be renting. Is the view good? Is the river nearby clean or would it just be a sore to the eye? Is the unit near a swimming pool where it is expected that in the afternoon, there would be noise from children enjoying the pool? One way to find this out is to personally get in and see for it firsthand if the living condition considering the view and the surroundings would be okay for you.