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Reasons To Relocate Your Small Business

Reasons To Relocate Your Small Business

Perhaps you are like me. Starting a small business is your ultimate life’s goal. I started a small business in a location that I thought was perfect. It was near public transportation and in the heart of the city. Thousands walked or drove by my shop daily and would get a hint of the aroma of the freshly baked cupcakes that were my specialty. In my perfect world, quite a few would walk through the bakery shop’s doors and become regular customers. However, things changed, and it was time to relocate. Here are a few top reasons to consider relocating your own small business and finding a top moving company like Allied Van Lines. This company is very affordable and operated by professionals that have the right tools and equipment to make a smooth move to a new location.

Real Estate Prices/Taxes Too High

The up and coming neighborhood started to draw a newer crowd and more upscale shops. Soon, the area was a very expensive location that appealed to more affluent people with lots of money to spend. Perhaps, this sounds like a good deal for a small bakery shop. However, upscale neighborhoods drive up real estate prices and taxes. Suddenly, the taxes on the little shop were in orbit and a move to a more affordable neighborhood was desirable. Fortunately, there were quite a few in a nearby community.

Targeted Customers

Take a look at your present location. Perhaps, the location is right in the center of a very busy section of the city that attracts quite a few affluent business people. However, are they the group that would purchase your merchandise or service. Take a serious look at the demographics in the area. Do the demographics fit the profile of your perfect customer? For example, your small boutique is in the section of the city filled with business people. Perhaps, its time to think about relocating your business to a more suitable area.

Qualified Employees Required

Your business is located in an area you find delightful. However, it’s very difficult to find the type of employees desired to fill the ranks in your business. There are several openings at your business, but all of your advertisements in the local papers are failing to attract the type of employees that are necessary to fill the openings at your small business. For example, your business is looking for fresh IT graduates. However, this group is attracted to jobs in other districts. You require those qualified applicants to keep your business going. Maybe, it’s a good idea to relocate your small business to an area that attracts new IT graduates.


Looking to expand your business, but lack the space? Quite a few small business owners started in a small basement, garage, a small warehouse, or tiny office. The space was adequate in the beginning. However, growth in the business over the years led to the need for a larger facility to hold the employees and business. Expansion and growth are the signs of a successful business. Success also means growth. Time to think seriously about moving the business to a place that provides expansion and growth for the future.

Improve Quality Of Life

A small company and large business might take a look at the surrounding area and the way that it affects the business. Perhaps the neighborhood or district affects the business in a very negative way. For example, the crime rate is up or there are simply not enough activities or shopping in the area for employees. It might be that the area is congested or overcrowded, too noisy, limited parking, too far away for most employees, unhealthy conditions, and a wide variety of other reasons that detract from the quality of life for employees and owners.

Certainly, there are a wide variety of reasons to consider moving your small business. However, it is also important to plan carefully for the move. Look for a new location that is very favorable to your type of business and includes targeted customers, good traffic, affordable prices, a good pool of qualified employees, and room for growth. Certainly, relocation is a process that takes time and plenty of consideration. Gather all the information required for your move and take it one step at a time.