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Reasons to Get UK IP Address-UK IP Address and its Benefits

  • If you are a British citizen living outside Britain, and wish to have access to online material like you are living in your home country.
  • As an internet seller or entrepreneur you want to have constant access to your campaigns while you are abroad.
  • Being a British citizen, you work in a job which has lots of traveling round the year and your banking website only allows access if you are in the UK.

For all these reasons, it is ideal to get UK IP Address. Technology and laws regarding internet are still new and people are constantly catching up with regards to copyright issues and privacy laws. Therefore, there are many grey areas in this situation. Many questions arise, such as British Citizens who have a physical server located in their home country have the right to have access to services which are restricted services elsewhere? Or a British Soldier who is fighting for the defense of the country has the right to view his or her bank account online? Many website generically block anybody who is accessing the accounts from a foreign IP address. This is something that can cause a headache. There are many ways to break through this barrier.

Choice # change your IP address to the UK by using Web Proxies

UK IP Address

One of the ways to get UK IP address is using web proxies. These websites relay your internet request. Going on the web proxies site, put in the URL you want to access and website will open up the desired URL. If this works well enough, the website will only access IP address of the web proxy you are using rather than using your own proxy. The good thing is that web proxies are available for free and have decent speed. However, their revenue model is ad based, hence expect a lot of pop ups. Compatibility with protocols such as SSL is not assured and your personal information could be shared easily. Finding Web proxies is UK is not easy either.

OPTION #2: Free of cost HTTP Proxy Servers

Another option to get UK IP address is by using HTTP proxy relay service. However, the difference in this web browser is configured rather than using a URL based website. Setting up as anonymous would be an advantage as it would only use the IP address of HTTP proxy and not of your device. You would rarely face pop ups but often they do not work with SSL and it is not safe for logging in to emails or using it for ecommerce. Information could be shared easily without your knowledge.

Choice #3 Get paid proxy IP address in the United Kingdom

To get UK IP Address with decent quality and speed, you have to pay for it. When you pay for it, the working system is a bit different as you would use an IP address which routes through a British IP address. It becomes much more reliable and you can use it for what you like. It is safe for ecommerce or emailing. One the downside it works with web browser only and it costs money.

Choice #4 getting a VPN service British IP address

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is another method to get UK IP Address. VPN service acts as a relay for web requests. The biggest advantage is it can relay date without any specific or special form of configuration. It works with emails, browsing or even chat rooms. However, one has to pay a tad bit more than other services. There are two feature services in this category

  1. Standard VPN service which works on shared IP addresses, in the United Kingdom or in United States of America for Ten dollars per month.
  2. Deluxe VPN service on a private IP address. This is in different countries such as United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Canada, France, Australia, Switzerland or Netherlands. The price one has to pay for it is $15 per month. For other countries you can make enquires.