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Promotional Products: How They Can Work For Your Business

Promotional Products: How They Can Work For Your Business

It goes without saying that promotional products have been used for a very long time. They are very much a tried and true way to increase brand awareness and generate leads. There are some people who believe products used in this way is old hat and relatively redundant in today’s world, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. This article will look at how promotional products can significantly benefit your business.


They Are Inexpensive

Most forms of today’s advertising are an expensive investment. There are very few alternative advertising techniques out there that are as cheap as distributing promotional products. Depending on the product you choose to use, you can pay small amounts for a very effective advertising campaign. Let’s be honest – we’ve all received promotional bags and pens. More often than not they have proved useful whilst at the same time they have jogged our memory of the company that gave them to us.

They Draw Attention

Because a lot of these products are typically cheap to get a hold of, you’re able to give them away at trade shows and conferences for nothing. The word ‘free’ is probably the most powerful word in the entire marketing landscape. Everyone loves something for free and they will jump at the chance to get something for nothing, and you will soon find people are taking interest in your business because of the free products you are handing out. It also provides a great opportunity to strike up a conversation with a potential customer. You can almost guarantee that you will get their attention once the word ‘free’ is mentioned.

They Last a Long Time

Unlike most traditional forms of advertising, promotional products have the ability to linger for a lot longer. For example, a TV advert will only run for a set period of time. Conversely, a promotional product can be used consistently over a long period of time. Ask yourself this question – how many times have you found a pen, given to you by a company, sitting at the bottom of a draw when you were searching for something to use to take down a quick note? The answer is probably quite a number of times. These items usually hold more value to the recipient than the actual value that you bought them for too. USB sticks, pens and bags all come in handy at some point or another which will trigger a recall of the business being promoted via the item.

They Help With Brand Recognition

Like most things in today’s world, the more you see something, the more likely you are going to remember it. If you’re products are being used on a regular basis, then you are going to find that your brand is becoming instilled in the user’s memory.
A recent study showed that 88% of people were able to recall the company’s name and logo that featured on their product. Furthermore, it found that 85% of people did business with an advertiser after receiving an item from them.

They Are Passed On

Providing the product you choose to distribute is found to be useful by your clients and customers, there is every chance it will be passed on to their friends and family members. Today, there is no other form of advertising that has the same powerful reach as promotional products, items, gifts or giveaways.

Regardless of which promotional products you are trying to distribute, if done correctly you will find they can be a very effective tool to use when trying to promoting your services and/or products. The above reasons are just some of the many reasons why using items such as pens, t-shirts etc. to promote your business is a low cost and highly effective way of advertising.