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Piggyback Loans in New York

Piggyback loans can be your best option in case you wanted to have a better home for you and your family. This is a great loan if you are considering of getting another loan apart from your primary loan from home that you are qualified. With the piggyback loan, it can be an ideal option to offer you the best qualification to acquire the best loan for financing. It will also help you avoid certain mortgage insurance requirements.

Father giving piggyback ride to daughter with arms outstretched

With the piggyback loan, one will have the best chance to get a property in a better place and to accommodate bigger family in case you qualification does not allow you. It can be also be extra money to send your children to better school or stay in an area that is safe for everyone.

Most potential homeowners is discouraged from the process of home hunting via 20 percent with the requirements for the typical mortgage versus without the need to pay the insurance for mortgage. One essential aspect that the piggyback mortgage loans could do is to reduce the need for mortgage insurance. Mortgage insurance is also a safeguard that most of the lenders may require, which can protect them in the event that you have a default mortgage loan. Eventually, it can be expensive on the long run. However, with the piggyback loan, it is a much a cheaper option.

Type of Piggyback Loan

The piggyback loan is a type of home equity loan that is taken out at the same time as the home loan. 80/10/10 is one of the most common types of piggyback loan program. You will take out at least 80 percent of the value of the property as portion of the primary home loan and the other 10 percent is for home equity loan. You will then need to pay for the remaining 10 percent of the property value as the down payment form. Since the piggyback loan is considered as the secondary home loan, it can be dangerous for the lender. This is due to the fact that the property is known to be foreclosed and the primary lender will also acquire the needed proceedings.

The buyers of pricey properties could also enjoy the benefits of this kind of home equity loan to have the chance to save. This is very advantageous choice especially if you can’t get approved for such financing needs. You just remember that the outstanding interest rates. This is a clear way on how one can get the best opportunity to succeed.


Even though, piggyback home loans in new york city are truly beneficial, it also shares its own drawbacks or disadvantages. If you are interested to get a piggyback loan in New York, it is very important if you can have the right chance to get the right information as this can be an ideal option for you to determine if piggyback loan is indeed designed according to your own needs or requirements. This is an ideal option that you need to remember to succeed in this type of loan.