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Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patios

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patios

Pattern imprinted concrete is the in-thing when you do not want your establishment or residence to look ordinary. It adds aesthetic value to your home be it a driveway, pavement or patio. This concrete is not just style over substance it offers its own materials strengths which are often overlooked for the stunning beauty they provide. Next time you invite guests to your house for a Sunday afternoon bite, they should be able to be awed by your patio, if it is big enough to host a number of guests.

There are a variety of colours and patterns to choose from. It all depends on your level of creativity. Some of the most popular patterns for your pattern imprinted concrete patios;

• London Cobbles- The pattern replicates coursed cobbles and fan effects.

• Brickwork- Can be creatively made to look like a woven material or like a basket weave.

• Tiled patterns- Patterns can be square, rectangular and octagonal in shape.

• Texture- like look- Has a seamless and slated textured effect.

• Random Stone-Patterns are mostly irregular with no telling shape but creatively placed to come up with a pleasing to the eye design.

• Ashlar Stone- The pattern has a hewn stone effect to its look, it can be square or rectangular.

• Decking-Concrete pattern simulates floorboards or planks. Designed to look like woodwork.

• Blister paving for increased traction.

Apart from the patterns, there are colours that come along with it. Most of the preferred colours are black, brown and red but shades of green and blue add style to the aesthetics of the concrete structure. Though there is a wide colour range to choose from.

The benefits of having a well done pattern imprinted concrete patios is that they add depth to your residence. It will eliminate dryness and ordinariness at home. They make your compound look attractive, you can play around with limitless designs and patterns. They are of great aesthetic value that makes you look at your compound with a sense of satisfaction. They are not hard to maintain. They just need sweeping and the re-application of a sealant every 3 years or so. It is cost effective and low-maintenance. Such patios are able to with stand adverse weather conditions. It is safe because it is skid resistant.

What you have to consider is if you want your patio to be well done contact a professional. If you want to do it yourself, do it some other time after you have learnt from a professional contractor who specializes in paving. Be careful on whom you choose because regular builders may not necessarily be skilled in designing and paving these type of concrete patios. Give them an idea of what you want to be the final outcome and they will do the rest, you can observe and learn. These pattern imprinted concrete materials have to be balanced well and carefully crafted not just for the joy of design but for functionality. What your patio needs is good care and everything is going to be alright.