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The Parts of Different Truck Suspensions

A truck suspension is found in the chassis and is made up of some of the most important parts found beneath its body. Over the years, different companies have taken part in the constant refinement of this part to ensure that there is more comfort on the road and that the cargos are more stable. Even with the advancement, most drivers still prefer the old models for they are easy to repair and have proven to be more durable. In totality, the truck suspension consists of the following systems;

  • The frame; this is the load carrying feature that focuses on providing support both to the entire truck and its engine. These are then supported by the suspension.
  • Steering system; this is the component that aids the driver in the navigation and directing of the truck.
  • Suspension system; this component provides support to the entire weight, dampens and absorbs any kind of shock and ensures that there is a constant tire contact.
  • Wheels and tires ensure that there is a firm grip and friction between the tires and the road.

This is why the suspension system is one of the most important components of a car. Even so, in any typical suspension, you would not fail to meet the following components;


The springs:

There are a wide variety types and designs of springs as follows;

  • Coil springs; these are the commonest of all and aid specifically in the absorption of the wheel’s motion when they expand and compress. They are found around the axis.
  • Leaf springs; as its name suggests, they are made up of a bunch of metal layers also known as leaves to make a single unit. In the olden days, they were used on carriages until they were adopted by automobile companies. Today, they are very useful in heavy duty trucks.
  • Torsion bars; just like coil springs, these are made by twisting together components of steel bars to provide the same performance. They work by having one end anchored to the frame of the vehicle and the other to the wishbone. The wishbone is then what provides the leverage that goes directly perpendicular the bar. In a case where the truck wheel hits a bump, there is a motion transfer vertically to the wishbone. The lever then transfers it to the bar which twists providing a spring force along the axis.
  • Air springs; in the air spring, there is a chamber, cylindrical in shape filled with air and found between the body of the car and its wheels. These are more specialized to aid in the absorption of wheel vibrations.

Springs are very important components of the truck as it is because of them the passengers are able to enjoy comfort as they ride in it. They are also important at helping the truck handle some of the most difficult tasks with ease. However, with them alone, it may still be very difficult to achieve some of the tasks. As such, the suspension of a truck is not complete without the anti-sway bars and dampers.

Almost all of the parts mentioned above are specific to the make and model of your vehicle, and many times will vary from year to year. When replacing any of the above parts, be sure to find out the correct part for yourself, and an easy way to do that is to look at and either use their customer friendly site, or call one of their representatives: 1(877) 774-6473. So whether looking for Hellwig Helper Springs, Firestone Air Springs, or B & W Hitches, this can be a major resource for anyone looking to replace suspension parts on their vehicle.