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Orbital packaging line and stretch wrapper for door packaging

We provide full pair of turnkey undertaking first level orbital stretch wrapper for door packaging together with door tunnel dryer chamber for creation line door generating machine, for example the complete line design and style, engineering administration, civil technology of kiln and drying out holding chamber, the foundation developing, supplying, installment of all machines.

packaging line and stretch wrapper for door packaging

We providing and installing of compressed water, power and air method and wrapping solution etc. After we full the full undertaking, we are going to pass the production line to buyer for implementing specifically.

The primary packaging and handling solution for connecting with door producing line we are able to provide as bellow:

  1. Uncooked Material Treatment method Machine———Box Feeder, Increase Shaft Blender, Crusher, Conveyor.
  2. Door Forming Machine——–Twice heads Vacuum Extruder, Automatic block Cutting Machine, Mixing machine and palletizing Machine
  3. Drying Method——–Little Suction power Tunnel Drying out Chamber, One Layer Clothes dryer
  4. Firing Method———Hoffman Kiln, Tunnel Kiln
  5. Automatic pallet wrapping equipment and palletizer for Door Loading and Unloading,robot Door Packing Machine is available too.

It is capable offering remedies for entire world-large consumers in generating these items:

Dealing with Doors, Paving Doors; Insulation Block; Hollow Doors; European-type Tiles; Divide Doors; Beach sand-lime Doors or Disables; Autoclaved Travel Ash Blocks or Disables and Cement Attaching Doors, etc.

  1. a. The inspection of raw materials——- Raw material packaging and wrapping test, providing technology solutions according to your specification and special scientific data tested.
  2. b. The entire technological innovation design per orbital stretch wrapper——– supplying to customer the technologies of resources packaging, firing, shaping, processing, drying, unloading and etc.
  3. c. The installation and supply of the total conveyor and stretch wrapper line equipments——- supplying machine per customer requirement. The packaging line is with innovative manufacturing and technology talent, one of the most cost-effective, high-good quality products.
  4. dd. The construction of complete established production line—–contracting to build the EPC (Engineer, Obtain, create) tasks of creating resources.
  5. e. The accurate and timely community services——– giving the generation management service; the lifelong modern technology assistance support, developing plant life which could generate far more benefit for every single consumers.

We are willing to make our advancement with people hand in hand, make initiatives constantly and turn into a marketer of community-broad door-generating cultural by our continuous innovation and no-end attempts.

  1. The suspending bottleneck clamping design and style make the jar dependable through the high-velocity transferring situations. By changing a few parts, it can meet the need of production of different types of bottles easily.
  2. The latest era of stainless steel pick up is followed and the grabs do not have contact with the region higher than the package’s screw thread. Nozzles within the grab can ensure the complete wash of the interior in the container.
  3. The innovative micro negative -strain stuffing technology used in this orbital wrapping machine definitely makes the conveying up quick, steady and accurate. The pallet-holding aquarium is totally-shut and in addition, temp-control device and CIP washing graphical user interface are installed
  4. This stretch wrapping machine: Top size pallet be covered by film device before tilter and wrapping..
  5. Magnetic torque can be used for screw capping, and the potency of screw capping can be modified steplessly. Capping is reputable and do no problems for the hats.
  6. Sophisticated technology, for example man-machine interface touch-screen and PLC laptop or computer plan control are followed with this machine.
  7. All parts who have primary contact with the refreshments are made of high quality stainless steel. And several packaging line parts like the pallet wrapper roller, the electric motor, program are from renowned worldwide firms.