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Niteskape: Real Estate Multi-Millionaire Investors

Niteskape: Real Estate Multi-Millionaire Investors

Real Estate’s multi millionaire investors are always interested in getting the best deal for themselves. As residential and commercial real estate markets go on a roller coaster of a slope, there are a couple of factors that these multi millionaire look for before finalizing their investments. Read below the top Key Factors that every real estate investor looks for while scoping out their future purchases.

1- Land Investments

Land investments are popular and you can see many lands for sale at the moment with this current market. The slope of the land is one of the most important factors that an investor looks for.  If a land is flat vs on a hillside, can make a huge difference. It all depends on what the real estate investor wants to invest in. If he or she is planning to build anything on that land and if the land has the capacity to do so, they would prefer something more flat. The view of the land is another category. The weather and location is something that effects this future purchase tremendously.If a real estate investor wants to build a restaurant, that has an ocean view. They would prefer to buy a land that is on a high elevation vs a deeply slanted land. Those are just some of the most common things that a real estate investor looks for when in a land investment.


2- Commercial Investments

Commercial investments can be a bit tricky for some. Some investors may want to purchase an entire building and form their own company there. Some may want to rent out units and take a percentage of sales from each company in that location. However, commercial investments on industrial properties need to be read in contact by a lawyer. Each commercial investment has its own perks. Some investments will allow an agent to fully purchase the land and have control. Others may have a part of the office leased out for another 20 years and the investor needs to look at their options if they can buy out that companies lease and so on. What an investor primarily looks for in a commercial investment is:

A- Good Sized Property

B- No Ongoing Contracts on the property ( ex: ongoing leases and other restrictions on the property)

C-Great Location

D-Descent Price

E-A view would also be a bonus.

How you Can Attract a Multi Millionaire Investor?

Attracting a multi millionaire investor in todays time can be achieved through the internet. The internet has billions of people searching every day. The more things you have out on the web about your company, there will be better chances that you can catch someones eye. Being honest about your business and taking time to create your online profile is time truly spend well. A web site has a great impact for all businesses around the globe. It showcases everything that your brand is about, what it can do, achievements, visual images, videos ( if any) and the necessary contact information that a person would need to be in touch with you. Creating a great rep fro your business on the web will ultimately lead you to that great investor!

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