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[News] MMBF Trust Enters Wales With CMFF Award

[News] MMBF Trust Enters Wales With CMFF Award

They are the charity that wants to change the prospects for many young filmmakers around the world and UK based MMBF Trust have made their entrance in Wales introducing their ‘MMBF Rising Star Award’ in partnership with Cardiff Mini Film Festival who are film festival based in Cardiff who do numerous events for filmmakers in the area.

MMBF Trust
Announcing the award, Sharon Harris for MMBF told us “MMBF Trust are very excited to be introducing the MMBF Rising Star Award with Cardiff Mini Film Festival, its a very historic opportunity for us to be able to support and empower filmmakers from Wales. We have very high regard for the work that Jody and her team are doing with CMFF. ”

The Cardiff Mini Film Festival believes that films can be made on very little or no budget, just pure hard work and dedication from the people involved. With this in mind we bring you a festival where money is not the key to a great film, if you are a student, low budget production company or are someone who makes films at home, then this festival is for you. No longer will a big budget production company obliterate your entry, if you have the skills to tell a story then you could be the winner of the next Cardiff Mini Film Festival.

The award is due to be handed out at a festival event in June, in other news MMBF founder Matthew C. Martino didn’t seem to be fully in the know about what’s happening as he acted confused when questioned on the new partnership during his traditional weekly interview.