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Never Buy Ink Cartridges Again

Last year was news on the Internet discovering what makes the inkjet ink with very expensive. Instead of serving to write our documents, a number of mechanisms make much of it accumulate inside the machine and finally waste, making us goes buy a new cartridge sooner. I have recently been forced to leave using my Epson printer and have now been time to check if the story was true. It would not have been necessary or open. Only put aside to find the first screws already started squirting out ink through the cracks. Care in moves and removals, we are warned. And seeing the inside.

printer ink

Anyone who has ever owned an inkjet printer dreads buying new ink cartridges. We all know, “That’s how they get you!” Inkjet ink is the one of the most expensive liquids on the planet. OPEC, eat your heart out. Ink is more expensive than oil. An investigation by Consumer Reports found that the cost of ink is $9,600 per gallon. Some color inks by HP are over $10,000 per gallon.

Do we get to make use of all that ink? Not even close. Some of the ink evaporates and some is trapped inside the sponges within the cartridges. Unless you are printing a high quality photo, much is wasted in printing any higher quality than in “Quick Draft” mode. Not surprisingly, a tremendous amount of it is lost during that dreaded “print head cleaning” process. A Consumer Reports study found that plenty of models delivered half or less of their ink to the page, and a few managed no more than 20 to 30 percent.”

How do they get away with this? Why do we consumers accept this highway robbery? Many years ago, printer manufacturers learned that the ink is where the money is, not the printer. So they started taking a loss on the initial cost of the printer, in order to make money later on the ink. They sucker us into the whole, “This printer is a tool to help you get work done” thing, with that little half sized first ink cartridge(s) that comes with the printer, then soon you are off to the store to buy more. It’s a trick

Finally, Epson is giving up the inkjet trickery game and is ready to treat consumers fairly! Their new Eco-Tank series of inkjet printers have no cartridges. They have a reservoir tank to hold ink. When you run
out, you no longer have to replace a cartridge, you just fill up the reservoirs with ink from an actual bottle

The base model ET-2500 EcoTank printer comes with enough ink for an incredible 6500 pages. A replacement set of EcoTank bottles goes for $52 and will get you another 6500 pages. They come in a set of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black ink bottles. Alternatively, you may buy individual bottles for $13 each. The initial cost of the printer is a bit more, but the ink cost savings will make up for that in no
time flat. The office model, ET-4550 is even a better deal.

It comes with a 2.2-inch screen, a keypad, two-sided printing, faxing, an Ethernet jack, and two sets of ink bottles, good for a total of 8,500 color pages or 11,000 printed in black.

Ready to make the switch? You can pre-order one now from OFFICE DEPOT to be liberated forever from the dreaded inkjet cartridge.