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Moving Is A Pain No Longer

Two months ago my wife and I purchased our first home and needed to move. The issue was we were moving into a smaller home. A much smaller home.

We felt the need to downgrade for a few reasons. Our home was becoming a pain in the butt to clean. We hired a cleaning company but since the home was so big, it was costing us far too much.

Another reason was the real estate market in our home town of Victoria BC was on fire and it was a sellers market. We purchased this first home in 2002 and since then the home had almost tripled in value. We wanted to sell the home so we had some money to travel with.

The last reason was we felt disconnected from our children in this new home. Our kids rooms were far away and he had two living rooms. We wanted to be closer to our kids and to encourage more interaction in this social media crazed world.


I have always hated moving since my early 20’s as I moved almost 12 times in five years. There is always so much clutter.

That’s what was happening at our home. Our kids wanted us to keep many of their toys and personal belongings. My wife was the same way.

So our first task was to find a storage Victoria BC facility to store many of these items. I tried to convince my wife and kids to donate much of their stuff to goodwill but that didn’t go over well.

The storage company we choose actually had a great service. They would drop off a mobile storage pod and we could load it up at our earliest convenience. This was great was the wife and kids could take their time figure out what needed to be stored. However, it took them much longer than they liked and I called the company and they said it was OK as the pod was ours and wasn’t required.

This pod idea was really great also because we didn’t have to worry about loading up a truck and making endless runs to the facility itself. The storage company would pick the pod up when we were finished and store it in their storage facility Victoria BC location.

We could have spent close to $100 or more in just trying to load all the items in a rental truck. That’s because we didn’t have a very big vehicle to move all the items and renting a truck was going to be required. But we didn’t have to do that thank goodness.

Since we’ve moved all our items into the facility, it’s been really easy to have access to the facility and our pod shall we need to grab anything.

I highly suggest you find a storage facility that offers this mobile storage option as it saves you money and the hassle.