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Moving House- The Ultimate Checklist

Moving house can seem like a daunting task as well as stressful- where do you start?  How and when shall I pack?  What do I need to remember?  How do I prepare?  No doubt, these types of questions may have crossed your mind at some point, so now’s the time to put your thoughts to rest and get organised.  Below is a moving house checklist detailing some of the main things you need to do to ensure that no stone is left unturned and ensure your move is as smooth and stress free as possible.

4-6 weeks before the move

  1. Take the opportunity to have a real spring clean and de-clutter. Decide which items you will be taking which items you would like to discard.  You can sell your unwanted possessions or donate them to local charity shops who would be more than obliging to accept your items.
  2. Start collecting boxes and packaging materials ready for the move
  3. Research removal companies (if you are using one).  Auction type websites are a great place to start as you can list your requirements and a whole host of removal companies will bid for the work- saving you a lot of time and hassle.  One site which does this really well is one called
  4. Find out as much as possible about your new area, such as local doctors surgeries, local supermarkets, nearest schools/nurseries and local transport connections for example.

3-4 weeks before the move

  1. Contact banks, pension companies, insurance providers, utility companies and any other companies you hold accounts with informing them of your change of address.
  2. Inform the tax office, DVLA, the local council and the electoral roll of your change of address.
  3. Book your removal company if you are using one.

2-3 weeks before the move

  1. Pack any items which are of importance and hold sentimental value such as passports, birth certificates, photos and jewellery, and keep the box ready to travel with you on the day.
  2. Set up mail re-direction with the post office. They usually require 10 days notice so make sure you do this well in advance.

1 week before the move

  1. Send change of address cards to friends and family
  2. Cancel deliveries and magazine subscriptions

The day before

  1. Pack an overnight bag ready for your first night in your new home
  2. Plan an evening meal for the moving in day- eating out or takeaway might be the best options to take.
  3. Defrost the fridge and freezer, ready for the final clean
  4. Make sure all of your packing is done and boxes are clearly labelled to identify what is inside and which room the box needs to be placed in

Moving in Day

  1. Give your old property one last clean
  2. Take the final gas and electricity meter readings
  3. Dismantle the beds if necessary
  4. Give your old property keys to the vendor or estate agent

There are bound to be more things to add to your moving house list, however the list above can serve as a great and useful tool for making moving house a smooth process.