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Legal Recruitment Agencies Offer Assistance in A Competitive Job Market – How to Use Them

In almost every business involving large complex transactions, brokered relationships develop between buyers and sellers. While the most recognizable broker business is financial services, you can find dealmakers in real estate, contract negotiations, loans, mergers and acquisitions. Everything from jewelry and clothing to various facets of the entertainment business can be bought and sold. (Think of the way singers and actors use agents and managers for their careers.) If you are looking for work, recruitment agencies help companies find employees. And if you’re in the field of law, there’s a type of agency that will work for you.

Brokers bring familiarity with the important elements of a negotiation (especially vital when you’re working with lawyers). They can rapidly assess if there is a deal to be made and can help to guide both sides of the transaction towards common ground. While both applicants and employers can benefit from using legal recruitment agencies, they can play a vital role in shaping your career. According to the Houston Chronicle, some recruiters even specialize in wooing away star talent to other agencies.

Legal Recruitment Agencies Offer Assistance in A Competitive Job Market

Experienced brokers can also save both employers and job seekers time and money. What might days to work out could be put together in a few hours by a broker who knows both sides’ needs and can meet them quickly. Brokers also become the market’s institutional memory. They know what both employers and candidates are looking for, so they can arrange introductions that wouldn’t otherwise take place. With their network and also intimate knowledge of a company’s workplace culture, they can tap into candidates and opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be considered. Everybody wins.

For attorneys, law firms and legal assistance departments, they are the broker of choice for finding qualified legal personnel. The process of hiring strong legal talent has many ancillary requirements beyond simply vetting a resume and shaking hands with the principal partner. There are bar admittance requirements, background checks, degree verifications, the provincial licensing process and depending on the firm and practice area, possible qualification exams and interviews. Recruiter Roberta Kasshas been quoted by the US News and The World Report, saying that some firms prefer journal experience. This is the kind of knowledge these trained law experts specialize in.

Knowing if someone is qualified in all these disparate categories is how legal recruitment agencies earn their fees. Why is it valuable to have knowledge of a candidate’s qualifications before going to the expense of putting them through an intricate vetting process? Avoiding embarrassing failures after hours or days of effort could save enormous money and time. It is worth it for firms to consider bringing on an expert to guide them through the process.

A good broker makes markets. This is a truism in commodity markets, where a connected broker may be the only source of affordable product at a given time. Brokers also set prices. What is a good lawyer worth? A good legal recruiter will know the answer to that question even better than the employers. Seeking their advice is the right move, so check out the Heller Group Blog for more information.