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Jaguar Land Rover Announce Huge

Investment in MENA Region

As global economies and corporations recover from the financial crash of 2008/09, the automotive industry is one sector that continues to show significant signs of stable growth as consumer confidence returns and buyers invest in new vehicles.

In the UK, new car sales have now grown consistently for the 29th month in a row, with small family cars being the most popular purchase; a trend which is being enjoyed by manufacturers across the globe.

Car sales are on the increase in every continent with China and the US showing the highest demand for new light vehicles, but the global rankings for sales and popular vehicle types may be about to change as Jaguar Land Rover announce huge investment and strategic growth plans for the Middle East and North Africa.

In 2013, the manufacturer enjoyed a staggering 46% increase in sales on the previous year, outperforming it’s very respectable but more modest 19% sales performance on average, globally.

Their impressive new sales records are something which Justin Weaving, the Regional Sales Director for the MENA region attributes to the launch of new F-Type and Range Rover Sport models.

Capitalising on the popularity of these high-end vehicles, Jaguar Land Rover have confirmed plans to strengthen their position as a leading supplier of all-wheel drive and sports vehicles in the MENA by increasing its presence in the region with 24 new dealerships and an investment of $1.5 million in a new engineering test centre.

This new facility in Dubai is one of five across the globe that will focusspecifically on developing new products that are engineered to endure the unique climate and driving conditions in the MENA without compromising on theperformance or comfort that make their vehicles so desirable.

It’s anticipated that Jaguar Land Rover’s new retail, distribution and development facilities will create a number of new jobs throughout the UAE and beyond during the next three years, with entry-level positions being created at their new Dubai-based Regional Training Academy.

The academy, which will be similar to their training site in the UK will “offer technical and non-technical training programmes for dealer partners and regional office staff,” and ensure that they are equipped with informed, quality personnel who can drive the business forward as their MENA operations expand.

Domestic and international investment is boosting employment across almost all states in the MENA and the latest statistics reveal that much like the auto industry, the region’s job market has enjoyed successive growth year-on-year.

Jaguar Land Rover’s announcement is a welcome one; not only is it very good news for new vehicle buyers in the MENA, but for national and international job-seekers who are looking to become part of one of the world’s most affluent work forces.

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