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Inventions That Have Led to the True Essence of Energy Conservation and Research

Business Energy BillsThe world has seen a huge population bloom, and interesting thing here is that today families are becoming 30% larger than what they were before. But, despite of this increase in number their energy consumption has increased to just 2%. One question that arises here is that, how can this happen, or what is that special magic spell that has made it all happen. You have guessed it right; here we are going to share some profound inventions that have led to a new era of energy conservation and research, so that our planet can explore a sustainable future.

Energy Efficient Refrigerator Compressors

Refrigerator has seen tremendous changes from the past decade, from a compact ice box fridge till a double door high defined fridge, they have seen it all. The refrigerators that are commonly used today consume about 35% less electricity compared to those that were used in 1975. This development is recognized as a grand improvement by Energy Department origins.

During 1978 and 1980, the scientists of Oak Ridge National Lab and Columbus Products Company created the first ever refrigerator compressor. This compressor was about 50% efficient compared to the compressor that were used during that period.  Soon, this development became an integral part of the refrigerating unit, and hence it was adapted by manufacturers too. This adaption helps consumers across the globe save upto $6 billon dollars on their electricity bills.

Loose Fill Fiber Glass Insulation

Present inside floors, walls and attics, the insulation system keep your home safe and sound.  The insulation system that was used earlier did not work quite well during winters, as researchers discovered that these systems led to the loss of heat of about 50%. This is where inventions took place to improve the performance of the insulation system and this Loose Fill Fiber Glass Insulation was born. Here, the insulation system was redesigned for perfected dispersion, giving homes a better insulation to withstand even the coldest weather. Currently, about 75% homes use this system and this has saved them from 15-20% of their heating cost.

Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters

From 1970s till 1990s homeowners have always been keen on an efficient water heating system that would help them to save a fortune. This wait finally came to an end in 2009, when the first heat energy star qualified electric heat pump water heater was introduced. This was a moment of glory, because these water heaters used 65% less energy compared to the older ones. Statistics have even shown that on an average these heaters helped homeowners to save about $300 per annum on their bills; an astounding invention that truly proves the importance of research in the field of Energy Conservation.