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Integrate Salesforce With Gmail To Increase Data Quality And Improve Results

Your CRM is not useful enough if you cannot gather all the relevant information about your customers and potential customers in one place. You need good quality and complete data in order to make it work, otherwise it might even do more harm than good. One very important source of information is contained in the e-mails that sales reps exchange every day with clients and potential clients. How do you get that data into the CRM in order to work with it in an efficient manner? Enter Activities Intelligence Suite (AIS), a suite of innovative apps from Floating Apps.

AIS scans the emails that your sales reps exchange with important leads or business contacts and inputs the data into Salesforce while assigning it to the right accounts, owners and contacts. This would be tremendous work if done manually by each individual and would eat up a lot of time. With this tool you can use Salesforce and email in a more efficient and useful way.

AIS allows you to have an overview of the activity history of every sales rep and to be able to make management decisions easier as you have access to a complete history of the discussion with potential clients. Moreover, the sales rep can also access this useful report and access can be given to other interested parties in the company, say, the customer service department. It allows sales reps to create their reports more easily and faster – actually they might not even have to do any report as you will have direct access to the information that interest you.


This syncing&vizualizationability is very useful to better manage customer relationships. The customer service department can instantly have access to all the interactions with a business lead and respond faster and in a more efficient manner. Nobody is out of the loop and the clients are happier and will stay longer with the company.

Sales managers and sales executives who are already using this tool find that they can collaborate much better and that they can coach the sales team better and in a timely manner. AIS finds the emails that are relevant and that match existing Salesforce contacts and syncs them every 15 minutes. The tool is customizable as you can choose whose emails to import or not and you can also choose if you want the import the body and attachments of emails or just the subject. The smart email import system does not import irrelevant or personal emails, so sales reps have nothing to be worried about.

The app can start working for you right away because you can also choose to import old emails starting from whichever date you want, on a user by user basis; it completely avoids creating duplicates, alerting you when it detects them. Everything is done automatically and ittakes absolutely no time from the sales reps.

Floating Apps has found a way to make Salesforce even more useful by leveraging the power of Google Apps. You can even sync theSalesforce calendar with the Google Calendar in the same easy and useful fashion. Start simplifying your life and increasing the productivity of sales representatives with these innovative apps. Try Activities Intelligence Suite for free for a period of 14 days and see how it works for you. At the very least you will import all the past emails for free, but you will get a lot more out of it.