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How to Write Business Blogs That Garner Re-Shares

How to Write Business Blogs That Garner Re-Shares

Some of the best businesses are the best because of their marketing methods and ability to go with the flow of changes in advertisement techniques. Social media is, of course, one of the ways these businesses keep up with their marketable content, but business blogs is another method to consider. This article aims to teach you how to write business blogs that garner the attention required for hundreds of re-shares across the internet.

Hit on a Hot Topic

Since your blog itself is business-centered, your musings and articles should have a business focus too. Regardless of niche, you can bet there is information that people want to know about the type of business you operate. So, hit on a hot topic. Do your search into what people want to know about your company’s niche, then write accordingly, with lots of information and interactive elements.

Know the Lingo of Your Target Audience

College professors might use proper English and big words—but, most likely, your niche doesn’t call for that kind of talk. You should speak in the lingo of your target audience. Use great spelling and correct grammar, of course, but don’t be afraid of well-known slang or layman’s terms. Keep the lingo concise, clear, and easily understood by everyone in your target audience.

Be Professional but Personal and Passionate

You can be both professional and passionate. Your profession likely blossomed from a personal passion, so let that confidence and love of what you do shine through. You can connect with your audience on a grander scale if they feel you’re human—not some business robot or snooty professional. Be sure to encourage those consumers to further connect with you via calls to action at the end of your blog articles, with comments sections.

Throw in a Dose or Two of Humor and Quirk

Again, the key to a success business blog is connection. Your customers want to feel close to you, like they can have an actual conversation with you. So, throw in an anecdote or two, add a bit of humor and quirk, and let your humanity show through. Be expressive, but keep your tone professional. Avoid crudeness and bad language.

One more thing that you should do in your business blog article is avoid over-selling your services, products, and good business points. Sure, you can plug your business wares a time or two, but no one wants to scroll through 300 words of salesy language. Take a note from other successful blogs. Or, better yet, ask for advice from leadership consulting firms Nashville. They are well-established to help business owners gain the upper-hand when it comes to company success. Above all though, simply be genuine about your business and endeavors.