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How to transform your corporate event with a photo booth

There are lots of reasons why you might be holding a corporate event; it could be a bash for staff, a product launch or even a booth at a trade show. Whatever the occasion, you’ll want your company to be seen in a positive light and to create a real buzz around your brand.

A photo booth is a great way to make your corporate event come alive, breaking the ice and helping your guests to have lots of fun.

Here’s how to transform your corporate event with a photo booth.

Using the backdrop

When you use a photo booth firm you have the option of choosing the backdrop that you want for your pictures. This is what will be shown in every picture that your guests take so it’s an important decision.

For personal events, plain colours or scenes are often chosen but for corporate events you might want to consider a branded backdrop instead.

There are some amazing wedding photo booth backdrops

There are some amazing wedding photo booth backdrops

This means that in every picture, your company brand will be displayed in the background, an invaluable piece of subtle advertising for all the snaps which get uploaded onto social media.

Choosing the prints

It’s not just the backdrop which can be customised, you can also choose the way in which the photos are printed and what they look like.

A popular choice for prints is a three photo sequence which guests can keep as a souvenir of the occasion. You can alter this to provide just two, or even one, depending on the size of the print that you want and the layout you like.

Photo booth prints are typically printed in strips of 3; in this image above we see three strips

But in addition to picking the layout, you can also choose to add a personalised message to the print; this could just be your logo, the name of the event, or a slogan. If you’ve chosen to have a branded backdrop, you can pick the printed message to co-ordinate with this.

Just like the branded backdrop, the printed logo or message on the photo will be visible on all pictures, even those shared digitally so it’s an easy way to get your name shared around social media.

Trade shows

At trade shows it can be really difficult to stand out from the crowd, with lots of different companies offering similar products.

A great way to ensure you get attention is to opt for a photo booth for your stand; this will draw attention even from customers who don’t seem to have any interest in your product or services. Once at your stand you could end up with sales that you wouldn’t have secured before, simply because customers are spending time with you.

If you offer free photos which carry your logo and name, it’s an effective way to get brand placement after the customer has walked away. You could even collect names and addresses of those using the booth on your stand, an alternative way to get a marketing list without any hard sell.


If you want to share the cost of the photo booth hire, you could opt to get a sponsor involved.

The exterior of the photo booth can be wrapped in the design of your choice so you could allow the sponsor’s logo to adorn the surface.

By keeping your logo and branding on the backdrop and the prints, you’ll still benefit from product placement and online advertising. You might want to share this space with your sponsor.

By offering these kinds of advertising opportunities to a sponsor, there will be a cost attached so you could get the cost of the photo booth significantly reduced via this route.


A corporate event can be a dull affair unless some creativity and imagination goes into the planning. A photo booth is without question a fun addition and will create a lot of attention, both during and after the occasion.