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How to Reduce Stress Before a Major Presentation

If you are gearing up for a business or school presentation , there’s no doubt you will be anxious , which is perfectly normal . But there are so many  hacks you can use to calm your nerves before you begin . Check out the most powerful tips listed below!


Visualization involves  seeing yourself acing your presentation . Your audience is listening carefully during your presentation. You effectively deliver each of your important points and perfectly pronounce every word. Once it’s all over, your audience applauds.


But how does visualization work? Visualization conditions your mind to believe that what you visualize that your ideal objective will come to pass.

In other words, if you see yourself as confident, in command and delivering your presentation well, your mind will believe it , and this will calm your nerves.

Deep Breaths

Deep breathing is akin to meditation in that it helps you relax your mind, taking away anxiety and fear . By focusing on takes your mind away from your fears and worries. Resetting your nervous mind boosts your confidence and the thought that everything will go just fine. Deep breathing will really relax your mind before it comes time to present.


Meditation is an excellent way to keep peace of mind before making a presentation. To meditate, empty your mind of thoughts and worries to instead set your sights on your mantra or your breathing.


The most interesting fact about mediation is it does not take long for it to be effective. A mere 5 to 10 minutes will help you in centering yourself and filling your mind with optimism to relax you before the big moment.

Create a Blueprint

I recommend creating a presentation booklet or blueprint. This can be used as a set of presentation notes to reinforce your points and assist you if you find yourself at a loss for words while presenting. It’s ideal to memorize your presentation in order to make the biggest impact with your presentation , it’s just as helpful to carry presentation notes with you as well. You can use the materials to refresh yourself on the presentation before it starts to ease your anxiousness.

Printed ring binders are quick and easy to assemble and give your presentation that extra touch of class . You can stock the binder with visual aids for your audience to use during the presentation . Short run ring binder printing is an inexpensive process and looks really professional.

There you have it! Four nearly effortless ways to curb your nervousness before a presentation. With these methods, you’re sure to succeed!