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How To Open The Floodgate Of Demand From Your Customers By Edward Azorbo

How To Open The Floodgate Of Demand From Your Customers By Edward Azorbo

We used to only buy what was necessary, what we needed to live. Like food, clothes to wear… In short, the basics.

Now we buy what we “want.”

There’s a big difference between what your potential customers “need” and “want.”

And now we want things thanks to a man named Edward Bernays.

Edward Bernays was a propaganda agent during World War I.

He promoted the idea of US participation in the war to the American public. He promoted it as spreading democracy to Europe.

After the war, America’s industrial capacity was greater than what the American public really needed.

Edward Bernays was contracted to promote and create demand for these products.

And thus consumerism was born.

The public started buying what they wanted, not just what they needed.

What Edward Bernays did was to create needs so that people would buy the products.

And that, my friend, is part of your job as a business owner involved in Online Marketing.

We have to create demand for our products. Because the majority of the products that we sell are not absolute necessities.

Today we’re going to talk about 3 Strategies to create the need for your products

The price levels Strategy

American Express has green, gold, silver, or black credit cards.

Every card has a color.

A different price for every card.

There are always some folks who have to fly first class.

There’s always a certain percentage of your customers who want something more.

This 20% is willing to pay a lot more.

What do you offer them to fill that need?

The irresistible offer Strategy

I remember a story that Jay Abraham told, one of the biggest stories in Marketing.

A father was walking along with his little daughter to look at horses.

His daughter wants a horse.

The owner of the horses tells them that they can take a horse without paying anything and tells them to come back in 30 days; if they don’t like the horse, he’ll take it back free of any charge.

30 days later… The father and daughter kept the horse.

It’s hard to compete with the irresistible offer.

A good irresistible offer eliminates all resistance.

The power of “free” when you have an incredible product

One month free, and if you like it, you can continue the service.

That’s how the best software is sold.

When you have a high quality product, you should be willing to let people, in some cases, try it for free or at a low price.

And when you really feel confident about your product, you don’t even have to ask for any credit card information before the free trial.

For this tactic to work, you have to have a product that requires periodic payment, also known as recurring payments, such as a monthly bill.

Nothing is static.

You’re either expanding and growing your business or you’re losing ground.

If you’re in a defensive position, nothing happens. But make no mistake, your job is to constantly test new ways to create demand for your products.

Your job isn’t to look at and control inventory; you can find other people to do that.

The most important job in your business is Marketing.

You can’t delegate it.

But you can supervise it.

By Edward Azorbo