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How to Make the Perfect Business Sign

For those that understand the benefits of having business signage as a part of their company’s marketing strategy, understanding how to develop effect signs remains an often elusive question. The idea of creating a sign that catches the eyes and thus the attention of prospective customers is an often daunting question that business owners face every time they have a sign printed. So, what does it take to create the perfect business sign? Here are a few things that you should consider when designing your next sign.

Color Combination

One of the most visible aspects of your business sign is also one of the most commonly missed aspects as well. The color scheme of your sign is what draws your customers’ eyes to it or pushes them away. In order to ensure the effectiveness of your sign, your colors must complement each other. Make sure that the background color provides an appropriate stage for your font colors to truly stand out. Think Best Buy and their bold black lettering against a lemon yellow background. Keep it simple and try to use colors that provide the most contrast.

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There is no tried and true formula for the perfect height of your sign. The idea behind how tall your sign should be is all about readability. Here is a simple, yet very effective way to gauge the proper height for your sign:

12 feet high for roads where the speed limit is 25, 20 feet high for roads where the speed limit is 30, 35 feet for 45 mph and 50 feet for 55 mph. Anything greater than 55 mph should have signs that are 75 feet high. This ensures that your sign will be readable by anyone who is driving by.


Additionally, if you intend for your sign to be readable at night as well as the day you will need to illuminate it. Careful planning is required to ensure that your lighting solution does not detract from your sign’s visual impact. You should focus on bulbs that make the background color pop because doing this will illuminate the entire sign.


Keeping your sign simple and straightforward, without clutter, will entice more people to take a second and read it. Keep the amount of information you provide to as little as possible, such as your logo, an explanatory image or two and your phone number. Signs that require your customer to spend time figuring out what you are trying to say will not bother, especially when driving by at highway speeds.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how to create an effective sign design, it’s time to put these concepts to work. Create your business sign online today with a quality custom sign printing company and watch your business increase by leaps and bounds. It may take a try or two to develop the perfect sign strategy for your unique business, however once you get it nailed down, the rest will be a snap. If you are in Provo, there are plenty of quality Sign Makers Provo that can help you create the perfect sign for your needs. A quick Internet search will show you a list of Sign Companies Utah County.

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