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How to Make Homemade Ice Cream Without Fillings Sinking to the Bottom

Many manufacturers now make ice cream machines that let you make your own ice cream at home. You typically make the base, add any fillings that you want and freeze the whole container until the mixture sets. When you use fillings like cookies and candies though, you may notice that the those ingredients sink to the bottom and that you don’t get the thoroughly mixed ice cream that you want. The ice cream you purchase in stores comes from manufacturers that use industrial blenders to incorporate ingredients, but you can get the same results at home without a commercial machine.

Partially Freeze First

One reason your ingredients sink to the bottom is because those treats are heavier than your ice cream base. A good way to keep the ingredients from sinking is with a partial freeze. Once you make your base, put it in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes. After the base develops the same consistency as sour cream, fold in your ingredients. This helps incorporate the ingredients throughout the ice cream.

Coat the Ingredients

You can also try coating the fillings with a little corn starch. Corn starch is what many chefs use to thicken soups and other liquids because it will not change the final flavor of the dish. This works especially well with fresh fruits and can keep the juices from those fruits from leaking into the ice cream. Toss the fruit with a little corn starch until evenly coated before adding to your ice cream base.

Use Smaller Piece

Your ice cream may not come out the way you intended because you used larger ingredients. Try chopping those ingredients into small pieces that are no more than one-inch in size before adding to your base. You can also partially freeze the base before adding the new fillings and mixing the fillings with that base before freezing again. When you use these tips, you can make ice cream at home that looks just like your favorite commercial brand but one that tastes much better.