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House transformation – From Farm to Luxury Homes

House transformation, Farm to Luxury Homes 1 House transformation, Farm to Luxury Homes

Renovating a fixer-upper home can yield amazing personal and financial rewards. But it’s certainly not for everyone. Those with patience and the right skillsets are most times better off opting for a home that is in dire need of renovations—especially in this day and age of a buyer’s market. You can obtain a home for cheap and your renovations can also be on the downside of cost, especially the higher your skills for renovation projects are. Creativity goes a long way when flipping a home, as well. A keen eye for details and the right curb appeal that will offer that extremely sellable Midas touch to the home is necessary to any successful home renovation. Not only does the outside of the home need to be welcoming and pleasant to potential buyers, but other specifics need to be in place as well. Certain spaces within a home are either deal makers or deal breakers—a prime example is the kitchen. This room within a renovating home project should be a main focus, as kitchen renovations tend to offer the most return on investment in any home market.

But what if you’re not cut out to be a renovator? The great news is that buying a renovated home is just as much as a reward to the non-renovator as it is to the home-flipper doing the upgrades. The biggest advantage of purchasing a renovated home is that the process is smooth and fast, being that you are moving into a residence that is completely ready to be inhabited. Even better, a renovated older home tends to be much more affordable than building a home brand new—and it’s less legwork that you have to deal with. Most times, renovated homes are solidly built and have the allure of the newest upgrades. These kind of homes are a bang for your buck, and remember this key point: the longer a renovation of the home took, the more thorough and safer those upgrades are. Though buying a renovated home is like finding a diamond in the rough, be wary of quick turnovers on older properties. The last thing you need when settling into your new home are shortcuts that were taken in flipping the property fast to go wrong.

On the other hand, if you decide to sell your house you might be willing to add more value to your property, thus house renovation could be one of the option to increase the value. Firstly, it is recommended to find out the current price of your house on the market. You can get a free market appraisal from estate agents such as Chancellors Estate Agents in Oxfordshire that operate across the UK and is part of The Chancellors Group of Estate Agents. Estate agents might help you to sell your house and give you a lot of useful advice. However, it is important to research local estate agents and find the ones that have experience selling properties like yours. You should ask for a list of houses that were sold in your area. This will give you a more realistic information on how much your property is worth and could be sold for. Although there will be estate agents that will offer the highest valuation for your property they might do that only to get your business, thus in this case is especially important to see the houses like your that were sold and see if the price matches with agents’ valuation.

If you have an old building such as farm, you might consider invest before selling it. The fact that old building were built using materials that are now heritage – hand-made bricks or stone might be restored and house can be completely transformed to a modern luxury house. You can find more farm houses for sale in Oxfordshire – Chancellors estate agents have a variety of old-type properties for sale. A modern farmhouse with 18th century origin provide contemporary and spacious home environments. The property that was built in 18th century as a farmhouse has been extended and completely refurbished.

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If you want to sell your house and move to a new build house Luxury homes builders in Berkshire Antler Homes might help you. Antler Homes Plc offer a Part Exchange scheme that will make your move to a new home quicker and less stressful. New houses are built in picturesque locations across the UK. New build developments such as Winkfield Gate in Berkshire contain five detached homes that are two three and four bedroom houses in luxury living area.

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